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Hello Hello! If you have found your way to this page, I’m pretty sure you already have a good idea about who I am! Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Author sums it up for those of you who haven’t heard the word. Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development is the name of my game and it is life changing for those who have the courage to play. No matter what your situation, I have something for you! Live classes, corporate trainings, retreats, books, CD’s, DVD’s, online classes; you name it and I’ve got your back.

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Does your company need to enhance its Emotional Intelligence?


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Want the ultimate transformation challenge?  

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Check out our latest online course, designed to help strengthen your mind!

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Wanna see Bonnie Live in action! Her action packed 2 day event is coming soon!

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Did you know that balancing your mental & emotional wellbeing will help strengthen your physical? Check out this dynamic e-course. 


Looking for the ultimate transformation experience?

Then check this out. Our 1 on 1 coaching program is designed to let your inner explorer to run wild. Here you will be challenged to exceed your own expectations. Whether you are looking to transform your belief system, crush toxic habits, soar past your limitations, or master emotional intelligence, this is the opportunity you have been looking for. This in-depth 3 month intensive program was designed to tackle your personal blocks and struggles one on one. Together, we will get to the root of the issue that resides deep within your subconscious belief system and remove any defective programing that limits your maximum potential. Sound intense? It is! But if you are looking for fast, effective, laser focused results, then I am your gal.

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Fair warning, this coaching program isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, if you’re not ready for change, then this isn’t for you. During this 3 month intensive we will not only challenge your thought process, but also require your full commitment to apply the tools you’ve learned and hold you accountable to accomplish the assignments you agreed to. You see, this goes back to that old saying: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink… Same rules apply here. If you’re thirsty for immediate change then join me. Or, if you are at least ready to explore change in your work and life, then check out our online classes available 24/7 at www.MindFuAcademy.com.

Need to know what I’ve accomplished before you’re ready to commit? Well, with thousands of coaching hours under my belt, I qualify as a Master Coach with the International Coaching Federation. This accreditation gives me the superpower to brag about all the awesome clients I’ve helped. Feel free to explore what others have had to say about my coaching program in the testimonial section and see for yourself.

Been there done that you say, then I double dog dare you to survive 30 days of our intensive and not be satisfied. In-fact I’m so confident that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, if you are! If you completed your assignments & followed the outline program and still didn’t experience a shift, we will refund your money*!

Still not convinced?? Then give our office a call and talk to one of our team members! 916-468-4JOY.

*Money Back Guarantee: If you did not experience a shift with your coach after 30 days in our 1 on 1 intensive program, we will refund 50% of your first month investment! Now that’s a guarantee you can bank on! (If package was paid in full, price is divided by 3; this amount equals “per month pricing” and 50% of one month along with 100% of the unused remaining 2 months will be refunded to client) Feel free to contact us for a full refund breakdown.

Live Seminars and Workshops

Craving an action packed weekend that will spark a fire under your butt? Then join me at one of our live seminars, workshops or retreats and come face to face with change. Our live events were designed to trigger a thought revolution. Here you will meet other daring people just like you, looking to better their lives in one way or another. If you’re ready to break out of limited thinking and turnover a new leaf, then missing one of these events is not an option! Check out our calendar HERE and mark your calendars now, change is coming!

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Speaking Topics

  • Growing An Organic Mind
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Unlocking the Subconscious Mind
  • Ending Self Sabotage
  • Self-Compassion & Self Awareness


  • Mastery for Women
  • Successful Thinkers Network
  • Vision to Victory Tour
  • The Holistic Lighthouse
  • The Living Well Center
  • Re/max & Keller Williams Realty
  • Holistic & Wellness Expos
  • Project Managers Association
  • Association of Realtors
  • Womens Success Today
  • Learning Exchange
  • Sacramento Co-op
  • The Taylor House
  • The Bridge Network
  • Sierra 2 Community Center
  • Adventist Health
  • Genentech
  • Vanir Construction
  • Junior League Sacramento
  • Solano Probation
  • And So Many More!

Bonnie Kelly is the founder of Bonnie Kelly & Associates; Author of True to Your Core; Personal Development Expert & Speaker; and Developer of the MindFu Academy.

Bonnie is a master at balancing success, passion, personal growth, & life. Her approach and style has helped thousands of people transform their lives without needless suffering by strengthening their emotional resilience.

After years of dysfunction, including emotional & sexual abuse, PTSD, food and drug addiction, Bonnie has become an eating, breathing testimony that anyone can change their lives. It was in this moment of complete despair that she realized no one was ever going to save her, and it was her responsibility to transform her own life.

In 2004, what initially began as a path of personal healing, quickly transitioned to pursuing a career in personal development. Bonnie has since dedicated her life to helping others, to stop the endless cycle of self-abuse and self-sabotage.

In 2010, Bonnie launched her coaching career. Currently residing in Roseville, California, Bonnie has worked in the Placer County & Sacramento County areas for over 10 years, while traveling all over the country helping others. With thousands of hours of personal & group coaching experience, Bonnie has gained the reputation as a Core Energy Coach, who helps you get to the ROOT of your blocks locked deep in your subconscious mind for permanent removal.

Bonnie has taught thousands of hours of personal development classes, workshops, and seminars.

“Teaching & Coaching is my Life! After more than a decade of addiction, suffering & self-hatred, I knew there had to be more to life! In my darkest hour, I CHOSE to start taking personal responsibility and let go of the idea it was anyone else’s job to save me! Fast forward a 10+ years, thousands of hours learning, studying, growing, & mastering the art of personal development, you will find a balanced, self-loving & confident woman… you will find ME!”

If you would like to invite Bonnie to be a guest speaker at your event, please contact us at GetInspired@BonnieKelly.me


Teaching & Coaching is my Life! After more than a decade of addiction, suffering & self-hatred, I knew there had to be more to life! In my darkest hour, I CHOSE to start taking personal responsibility and let go of the idea it was anyone else’s job to save me! Fast forward nine years, thousands of hours learning, studying, growing, & mastering the art of personal development, you will find a balanced, self-loving & confident woman… you will find ME!”-Bonnie Kelly


There are many different types of coaches and trainers out there, so how do you know who is best for you? That’s easy, and can be solved with one simple question: What’s your problem? If you answered a lack of emotional or mental awareness, bad habits, stress, anxiety, insecurities, self doubt, or confidence issues, then you found the perfect coach! I am an emotional intelligence and personal development expert through and through. I like to say I have a black belt in mind-fu. All of my classes, workshops, seminars, training, and coaching boils down to this simple principle: “Get your mind right, and everything else will fall into place.” That’s it. If you’re looking to achieve your black belt in mind-fu mastery, then look no further. Here, “okay” isn’t good enough. Life is too short to live miserably, but true happiness requires training. If you’re looking for REAL change that lasts, then learn to increase your emotional awareness, develop emotional resilience, and become less reactive to all the crazy life throws at ya. Your teacher is calling, are you ready to answer?

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Credentials & Awards


Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which has more than 20,000 members and is the only independent, globally-recognized accrediting organization for coaches.

ipec pro

The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) Graduate: 2011, Trainer: 2014. iPEC is the most comprehensive and experiential coach training program in the world. Their approach creates significant and sustainable change with unparalleled results. Not only am I a graduate of this world-renowned coaching institute, but I also have the privilege of being one of their trainers as well! I train aspiring coaches on how to be an effective corporate coach!

master prac energy lead

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner Graduate: 2011. This certification verifies my emotional intelligence expertise.

loeb award

League of Extraordinary Businesses – In 2012 the League of Extraordinary Businesses honored me with one of their distinguished business awards! This means I have joined their alumni of extraordinary businesses. Sound fancy? I think so, and feel honored to have been one of their recipients.

Roseville Lifestyle Guide – I received the 2014 Best of Roseville Award, for my coaching programs being recognized as best in town. I take great pride in my city, and being that there are hundreds of other coaching programs established in our area, I was honored to be selected for this award!

heroik mba 2013 Bonnie

Heriok MBA – That’s right, I am Heriok. Graduate 2013. The Heriok MBA program was a year long business focused intensive program, where I learned how to be a hero in business and life.


Taylor House Board President – This is something I am truly proud of. Being a huge advocate of giving back, I donate 10% of my time to my local community. How I do this best is through volunteering.  After serving on the board of the Taylor House for a few years, I was nominated and elected as board president.

brandman-university 2

Brandman University – Emotional Intelligence Consultant. It is my true privilege to be aligned with Brandman University as they lead the way with their business development series. Their extended education programs offer companies throughout the U.S. leadership skills for their employees, and guess who helps with EI trainings?? That’s right – ME!

Ignite logo

Ignite Leadership Counsel and Professional Development chair elect. Speaking of giving back 10% of my time, this is another way I serve my community. Ignite is a subdivision of the Roseville Chamber Of Commerce, which provides community and resources to young professionals and emerging leaders.



Keller Williams Productivity Coach 2013 – Within an office of just 22 agents, I facilitated training and guidance for over 16 team members who increased production by 300% within just 6 short months! Now that’s what I call success!

remax platinum

Remax Awards – These awards are from a ‘past life’ (pre-coaching), however, I felt it was worth mentioning. In 2008-2010, I won multiple awards within Re/max Gold (a real estate company) for my outstanding production and commitment as an individual realtor.


jon-life-coaching-testimonial“Bonnie changed my life!”

“Through her coaching, I gained incredible insight to my thoughts and feelings and allowed me to overcome the biggest obstacle in my life, myself. I highly recommend Bonnie to anyone who’s ready to take charge of their life and unleash their full potential!”
– Jon Robins

dawn-life-coach-sacramento-client-testimonial” I am so grateful for you.”

“You were so meant to do this work, words cannot express how much you calm me down, reset, and help me to move forward just by hearing your voice or reading your words. The way you help guide me in the right direction, without judgement and without criticism, has been phenomenal for my healing process. Another thing, I want to be sure to tell you, is that every time I talk to you, it is apparent that you are 100% present and that you 100% care about my journey and about helping me. Thank you so much for your support and your help during this difficult time in my life. I adore you Bonnie!”

-Dawn Noel

jesi_client_optimistic_journey_life_coaching“I feel like I walked out from under a dark cloud – Without Bonnie, I’d still be there.”

“Bonnie has helped me, my business, and my relationships grow. A year ago, I thought I wasn’t worthy of love. I had broken relationships with multiple family members, and felt like I had reached a breaking point with stress, and bottled up emotion. With Bonnie’s coaching, I have found love for myself and now have outstanding relationships with my whole family.

Bonnie was my wake up call. She helped wake me from being an innocent bystander in my life so that I can now take action and have that which I desire. Through her life coaching, I have gained a wonderful partner to share life’s joys with, a growing business, and a feeling of blessing everyday.

Bonnie’s coaching has opened up a new world for me – one of love, compassion, and deeper understand of myself. I feel like I walked out from under a dark cloud – without Bonnie, I would still be there.

As a business professional, I highly recommend the Energy Leadership Assessment that Bonnie offers. I can now pinpoint areas of improvement for my management style.”
-Jesi Lee

dan-small-shadow“Bonnie is simply…amazing”

“Bonnie is very insightful and effective. I was feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with difficult emotions. I’d read articles, talked with friends, and even been to two licensed therapists. Only Bonnie was able to cut to the core of my problem, to reframe my thinking, and give me the tools to deal with my emotions. Bonnie is simply…amazing.” – Daniel R.

chelsey_life_coaching_client“I seemed to be at the end of a road and needed guidance.”

“There comes a point in people’s lives where they feel “stuck”. As I was approaching a new stage or chapter of my life I seemed to be at the end of a road and needed guidance.

Bonnie skills and techniques as a life coach, was able to help me guide myself into the direction of my new career path of which I am so passionate about. She led me to gain insight and realization of my own thoughts and beliefs to help me better and quicker achieve each step toward fulfilling each goal and dream that lay before me.
Bonnie coached me to where I could better guide myself on my new career path and journey.”
-Chelsey Bartels

graduate“This first month of exploring and exposing our Negative Core Belief has really been a challenge. At first I really didn’t want to take this course because I knew that we were going to go digging around old emotional scars. However, Bonnie’s direct and authentic message, combined with the experience of struggling through similar or worse emotions herself helped me do the work required to confront my own.” -Edward Hemming – Personal Transformation Graduate

“Through working with Bonnie…I was able to free myself from medication.”

“I was on medication for my struggle with depression & anxiety. Through working with Bonnie, I learned to have compassion for myself, and because of the new skills she taught me, I was able to FREE myself from medication. I feel strong. I feel thankful. I couldn’t have done it without you, Bonnie!  You INSPIRE me!!!  Thank you!”   ~Darcy J.

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“…UnLimt Me Coaching seminar series is phenomenal. …your seminar helped me move past something I was stuck on for 20 years.” Actual Quote’s taken from Thank you Letter – Neil Brakefield

“Thanks to Bonnie Kelly, I now love myself!” -Kimberly Hutchison

Perfect! Exactly what I needed. Great information and discussion. Bonnie is very knowledgeable and passionate and presents a lot of information in a short time while keeping everyone involved. I’ll be back!” – Daniel Smith

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“Thanks Bonnie for a great class tonight. I learned a lot that will help me to let go of some of the things that have happened to me in the past.  You are doing amazing work. Thank you!” – Amy F.

“We search for purpose and meaning. Some of us search an entire lifetime. At the end of my first one hour session with Bonnie, there was an instant clarity that aligned me with my sense of meaning and purpose in a way that I had never before experienced in my 12 years of yoga, meditation and personal development. She gently guided me to connect to the core of myself and from there many things simply fell into place with no effort. Resolutions that previously eluded me were crystal clear. To top it off, it was delightfully simple and fun! I’m so excited to keep working with Bonnie. I can see that it’s going to change my life!!”Aleta Sage

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