3 Empowering Words

I love learning new things. There is so much in this beautiful world that I don’t yet know and so many beautiful things that I am still longing to explore!

I seriously love new things 💖💖💖.

Personally, I think my favorite new things to explore is new destinations. 🌇 When I was younger in my early 20’s I began searching the world to find myself, and so I explored a lot.

Unbeknownst to me, what I was desperate to find in my travels, resided deep inside of me, I fearlessly ventured out into the world traveling across the country.

Over the years I have visited all but 10 US states 🇺🇸: OK, AR, MO, MT, WV, DE, MA, NH, ME, AK. (Look out states! You are on my list!)

As a result, I developed an exploration itch that needs to be scratched from time to time. Whether it’s exploring a new town, coffee shop, trail, drive or airport, I love exploring.

This week I decided to explore words. And more specifically, words with deeper meanings that are sure to inspire and uplift your soul.

These words are taken from the Greek language (both modern & ancient) and have some profound meanings! So put on your explorer caps 👒 and check out this week’s video 🎥!

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Keep up the epicness!

XOXO – Bonnie Kelly

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