4 Tips To Help You Get More Motivated

Is the fall weather making you lazy?

Happy Fall friend!

Man-o-man do I love pumpkin spice season! Warm sweaters, cozy blankets, hot cocoa & snuggling!! It’s the best time of the year but can also be that time where we get too comfortable and well let’s be honest…. Lazy.

I get it! Seriously who wants to go to the gym when it’s raining & cold?!

I often joke that I am a fair-weather runner 😂! I’m like Goldilocks and the 3-bears 🐻, I like to run when it’s not too hot, not too cold but the weather is just right.

But does this mindset really serve me?

The answer is no 🚫.

The truth is “how you do anything, is how you do everything.” If I am a fair-weather runner with my workouts, there is a good chance I am a fair-weather runner in my business as well, and you know what… it was so true!!

🏆 Being motivated with your fitness is the same skill as being motivated in your business, at work, with your family, meditations, diet, and home.

Motivation is motivation and only works when you use it. If you get lazy in one area, there is a good chance you will get lazy in lots of areas.

This isn’t a slam, but ask yourself honestly if there is truth here 🤔.

I had to do the same thing this year. Once I realized I had a mindset of fair-weather running with my workouts & business, I noticed it in my nutrition and spiritual practices as well.

My motivation muscles had gotten weak!! 😩😩 BUT NO MORE!

🔥 Re-igniting my motivation in all aspects of my life will have some challenges. There will be days when I don’t want to leave the warmth of my bed or comfort of my couch.

However, with discipline, I too can once again transform my life into the direction I desire to go.

Laziness is largely in part of a lazy mind and can only be broken with the development of new habits. If you too have been looking to break free of your self-limiting behaviors then join me.

❗❗Class starts today and I am willing to enrolling a few more of you this week. Push past the mindset of “I will start next year” and choose to start today. Choose to join a community, to accept support and join a team that is here to hold you accountable for your desired changes. 🏆

You can’t do this alone, but with help… anything is possible. 👍👍 Together let’s do this. Let’s start your change today and truly allow 2018 to be YOUR YEAR!! Text/Call me today 916-468-4569 and your team will connect you directly with me!

Until then, check out this week’s Mind Right Monday Video where I share with you 3 epic tips to get your motivation muscles moving!

XOXO – Love ya!

Bonnie Kelly

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