Breakthrough YOU with these 3 tips!

Good Morning Friend!

Man, what a wild and crazy week it has been here in Northern CA. The weather has been nonstop rain, storm, flood warnings, damn issues, levee scares and more! If you are from the Nor-Cal area, I hope you are being safe out there! During all this weather crisis, I am reminded of how grateful I am. Seems opposite, as most people are on the edge of their seats in fear, and in certain moments I share this with them, but in the grand scheme of things, I am grateful.

I am grateful that the levees are holding, that the damn didn’t break, that I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and plenty of room to be a safe haven for my friends and family who are in higher threat levels than I am. See, tons to be grateful for!

I share this shift in thinking and my commitment to keeping my emotional energy high as a perfect example of the #1 tip I share in this week’s video. It can be oh so easy to keep our energy focused on what’s wrong, what’s missing, and trapped in fear. But what good is that doing? It isn’t helping me feel better, nor is it ‘fixing’ or ‘changing’ the crisis that is at hand, but by shifting, it is allowing me to have more peace of mind and clarity to make the best choices I possibly can.

Currently, I have friends who are weighing out the storm in areas that might flood, others who heeded the warnings and headed for the hills, some that are non-stop worried and upset, and others that are just grateful that their families are safe. Out of all of them, who do you think is having the most peace during this time? You guessed it! The ones who choose to focus on what truly matters, in spite of the risk of losing everything.

I send this as a reminder that whether you are dealing with the Nor-Cal water crisis, So-Cal flooding, massive snow storms, loss, separation, acting out kid, addiction, or any other life altering drama, that it is your choice to keep your energy trapped in the drama, or allow peace to invade your heart. I encourage you this week to discover a bit more peace in one form or another. To find the ‘silver lining’ in the hardship you face and allow grace to enter your world. By doing so won’t fix the issue, nor will it solve the problem, but it might allow you the space to see a new opportunity, all while bringing you a bit of relief during this difficult time.

Check out this week’s video to discover more Breakthrough YOU tips and techniques, and if you are ready to truly breakthrough YOU and start living YOUR best life, then call us and let’s see if my OVER IT Academy is right for you.

Until Next Week, Keep Being Awesome,

Bonnie Kelly.


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    Totally ‘adorkable’ w/ your ‘Mind-Fu’. My request for one of your amazing videos is how to flip the switch. People develop acumen climbing the ladder in those ivory towers. However, that perspicacious leadership style is fatal on the homefront. Also, the toxic office politics infects people which they take home contaminating their household. You mentioned, how one thinks most of the time is how they think ALL of the time. Since couples are working soo many hours, then how can one ‘flip the switch’ to a healthy mind set lieu dumping or manipulative ??

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