Building Lasting Self Confidence

Hey freind! How was your weekend?! I was blessed to spend the weekend with some friends on the delta this weekend! Here is the view from the deck:


At last year’s Taylor House Gala, a group of us bought the Delta House weekend package and we finally got a chance to use it! It was so much fun and we can’t wait to bid again at the upcoming event in Roseville CA on September 28th! (Click HERE to learn more about this epic non-profit)


Look, everyone struggles with this in different areas of our lives. Some of us are SUPER confident when it comes to making money but lack it when it comes to talking to the opposite sex.

Some of us are super confident in our own skin, whereas others can never seem to find the right outfit! Some love to meet new people, others can’t stand having a 5-minute meet-n-greet! And some of us feel paralyzed by our lack of confidence in all aspects of our lives.

But, why is this???

How is it that we can be super confident in one area and not the next? Why do we struggle so much with being seen, heard, felt, or loved?

Well honestly, it’s because what makes us insecure isn’t something we can change on the outside.

See, typically we think if we just lose that 10lbs, or have the right outfit, or have our bank accounts at a certain level, THEN I will have the confidence!

I hate to break this to you but… this is not the answer.

It might feel like it for a moment when you get that temporary boost, or that extra attention you were longing for, but, this will be short lived.

You see, you can’t fix an inward issue by looking outside of you.

Lasting self-confidence is an inward job that can only be cured with inward solutions. To help you accomplish this, I have 2 things for you.

First: watch this week’s Mind Right Monday episode where I talk about lasting self-confidence.

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It’s 100% free and is my way of giving back to you! This week we will explore what is blocking YOU from having self-confidence and use my BREAKTHROUGH YOU coaching methodology to help you unleash the best version of you possible!

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Okay! Best wishes my loves! And make sure to share this video with anyone you know who could use the confidence boost!

Until next time, keep being awesome!

Bonnie Kelly

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