End The Cycle Of Self Sabotage

Happy Mind Right Monday! 3-Steps to ending self-sabotage.

Well good morning! And welcome back to another Mind Right Monday!

In today’s episode I will share 3-steps to ending self-sabotage. Have you noticed I have been covering this topic a lot these past few-months! 🎡

Well, it’s because it is a common thread we all share.

In fact, it is one of our biggest pain points 😬 that keeps us stuck repeating the same scenarios over and over again. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it will keep repeating until we learn a better way!

I know, I know… that sucks! But being honest with ourselves and each other is the only way to grow. 🌱

When’s the last time you evaluated your behaviors?

I know you are a pro with self-care but self-evaluation isn’t something that is often talked about or an action that is often taken.

You see, self-sabotage is sneaky 😏 and is often masked with blame or labeled as situational or a fluke occurrence when the exact opposite is true!

WE PARTICIPATE in our cycle whether we admit it or not, we do! 😱 And we have to self-evaluate our behaviors to stop it from repeating again.

Now don’t get me wrong, shit happens. 💩 I get this. And sometimes bad things just happen to good people, I hear you, but in most cases, there is an underlying unconscious participation that is lurking below the surface and desperately needs our attention.

Discovering our role is the key to emotional freedom! Check out this week’s video and see for yourself just how powerful self-sabotage is and start taking steps now to stop it!

Enjoy! And until next week, keep being awesome!


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3 thoughts on “End The Cycle Of Self Sabotage

  1. Susan

    Where do you find the worksheet?

    Also I’m wondering when your going to do your program again because when you start, it will be the 4th of July weekend and I will be gone to a place where there’s no cell service so I’ll miss the first 5 days.

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