Get GRIT and get it done Mindset

What does it mean to have a grit mindset?? Well, Grit is defined as: courage and resolve; strength of character.’

We get asked often how to enhance your grit and so, this week, we decided to share with you some tips & tools 🔨🔧 to help you do just that!

When facing 😞 hardship, change or adversity, adopting a grit mindset is just what the doctor ⚕ ordered, however, in most of these times, our mindset strays to the exact opposite.

When faced with adversity in our lives, many of us tend to shrink and allow our fear 😱 to become our decision maker. We fall back into old patterns, habits and ramp up our avoidance and procrastination habits.

Let me first start by saying, this is understandable.💖

It is understandable why we allow our fear to drive us. When fear is present, it is because a threat is present, and thus our fear is there to protect us 🛡.

The issue isn’t that fear is there, the issue is that we don’t reason with our fear and allow it to be unchallenged in the mind. When this happens our fear runs to extremes and causes a panic 😨 of the mind.

This is where adopting a grit mindset will serve you well!! In this week’s video, I will share with you tips & tools on how to adopt a grit mindset (especially in tough times).

I would also recommend that if you are anything like me to also get involved with some sort of endurance race🏃. One of my business coaches is a HUGE advocate for this and really encouraged me to train for a ½ marathon while I am revving up in my business.

And guess what… IT HELPS!

So, here I am (all sweaty) training with my husband & friend and harnessing my GRIT to get it done!File_000

Happy Labor Day!

XOXO – Bonnie Kelly

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