How $50 and Wayne Dyer Changed My Life.

I’m sure you understand this, but there are many things in many moments that can change our lives.

Sometimes it’s a person, sometimes an experience, and sometimes it’s just a realization that can alter the course of our lives.

For me, one of these life altering moments happened the day my father tried to give me $50. I’m sure in your head right now you are thinking what the heck?!?!

But seriously, this is true story I am about to share with you.

Many of you know my history. I lived a life filled with heartache, drugs, abuse, neglect and making my own way through life. This dysfunctional life started at a young age and I learned very early on that I had to rely on myself and not to take anything from anyone.

Taking and borrowing things from others often came with a price. They would eventually want or expect something in exchange for their “generosity”. Now flash forward to when I was 21 years old,I had just moved to CA where I was introduced to my real father.

He opened his doors to a desperate young woman who was consumed with fear, insecurities, and TONS of emotional baggage!

I was determined to pay my own way, but within a few weeks quickly ran out of cash. I needed $10 to have enough gas to get me to-and-from work until my next paycheck, so I asked my father.

He pulled out a $50 and handed it to me. “I don’t want $50” I explained, “Don’t you just have a $10 I can borrow?” Looking at the expression on my face he smiled and said no.

Panic overcame me and I started to get defensive. “I can’t take this, here take it back” I said. He refused. “I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY!” I now screamed.

He just smiled and now declared it was a gift. My old programming kicked in and I went into a full on meltdown over this.

Only aware to my father in this moment, I had hit up against my worthiness issues. I didn’t feel worthy of accepting his money and feared what repercussions would follow if I dare did accepted it.

Knowing this was an opportunity for growth, my father just stood there and held me through all the emotions. Rage, hurt, fear, sadness, you name it I was going through it.

When the emotions started to subside, my father went into his office and returned with a book that was to forever change my life. It was called The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer and it opened a door that would be impossible to ever close again.

This was a turning point in my life that has shaped me into the teacher and coach I am today. I often now see this same worthiness issue manifesting in my clients and now can smile right through it.

My father & Wayne Dyer were both powerful teachers that fostered the change in me. That is why this week I am sharing with you 3 Wayne Dyer Quotes that are true words to live by.

I hope you find peace within these words and joy on the other side. I wish you all the love and grace for your day and can’t wait to see you soon!

Until then, keep being awesome!

XOXO – Bonnie Kelly
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