How to Deal with Drama

There is nothing better than a good drama on the big screen. 🎬 Action packed, full of suspense, bad guys, heroic rescues, and damsels in distress can be so exciting.

📺 Seeing drama on TV or the big screen is awesome, but not so much when it’s your life on the line. Well, maybe our life’s drama isn’t as dramatic as a Die Hard movie, but honestly, our bodies can have the same reactions to everyday drama as it would to life threatening drama.

So what do we do? How do we deal with Drama?!

Honestly, there are a lot of different methodologies 🔬 as to how to proceed with dealing with drama, and the best method depends on a lot of factors including the situation, people involved, timing and what else is going on.

In this week’s video I will share with you multiple different tips to help you deal with drama so be sure to watch it 🖥, but truthfully, being able to separate dysfunction from your reality isn’t going to happen over night.

You see, one of the primary factors that I didn’t mention above in dealing with drama is… well, you.

If you lack the skills to not take it personally, to identify triggers, assumptions, expectations and how your past experiences are playing a role in attracting or reacting to this drama, well then you will keep getting sucked in no matter how hard you try!

These skills require training and it just so happens to be the precise kind of training I specialize in! (😂 Shameless self-plug!)

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I look forward to talking to you soon!

Until next week,

XOXO Bonnie Kelly

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