How to live a life by design not by default

There was a time in my life where my life was ONLY lived by default. No matter how much I tried, I was always in response to situations. 😒

Not that long ago, I stumbled across a book by Wallace Wattles called, ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’. Before this point, I had read books like ‘The Secret’, and ‘Law of Attraction’. I understood the basics of how your thoughts influenced the direction of your life and how your feelings drove many of your actions and reactions.

But honestly, knowing this in concept vs embodying this understanding were two different things.

I would spend every morning setting my intention, getting clear with my desire and eliminating any thoughts and feelings that didn’t serve me, yet I still wasn’t getting exactly what I wanted.

Money would come in, but bills of it’s equal value would claim these new riches. I was manifesting MORE MONEY and MORE BILLS at the same time!??!! 💸💸💸

At this stage, it would have been easy to toss out the books, claim they didn’t work and dismiss these ideas as woo-woo. 😨 Instead, I kept digging and stumbled upon this quote by Wallace Wattles that struck me to my core…

“To think according to appearance is easy; to think truth regardless of appearances is laborious, and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work man is called upon to perform.”

To think this idea of living a life by design was a hoax and didn’t really work was easy. 👎  These kinds of thoughts come effortlessly in moments of pain, but what if the truth of the self-sabotage was something deeper. What if I could discover an underlying reason that was keeping me stuck and resolve it?

Well, then I would truly have the LIFE I DESIRED vs. the life that I knew. And guess what… this took WORK!

It took more work “than any other working man is called upon to perform”! Wallace to the rescue! Reading this quote reminded me that to truly master my desires, to truly live the life I choose was going to take work and I had to be willing to not quit when things got difficult! 🏝

👏 This is my challenge to you this week. Ask yourself where in your life have you given up because it was easier?

Where do you need to think truth REGARDLESS of the appearances?

If you are anything like a human 😂 then there are areas of your life desperate for change.

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And check out this week’s Mind Right Monday Episode where I share with you 3-tips to embracing a life by design.

Until next week, keep being awesome!

XOXO – Bonnie Kelly

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