How to Make Conscious Connections

Honestly, I don’t have time to be a good friend. Running 2 companies can be exhausting at times. I am constantly being bombarded with to-do’s and responsibilities, only to come home to a house filled with responsibilities and obligations.

I invest so much of my time into being a bad-ass wife, boss, and human, that I honestly don’t have time to be a good friend, but I ALWAYS MAKE TIME.

When life squeezes us, one of the first things we will allow to fall off is our friendships. We often think they will still be there when life settles down, or prioritize them towards the bottom of our list, but at what cost?

Our friendships in the outside world are what brings us so much 💓 joy, 💓 love, 💓 happiness, and perspective! Without them, it can be easy to get lost in a mundane same-o-same-o lifestyle! YUCK!

Now, you might be thinking “But Bonnie! I don’t have friendships that are enriching!” and my reply to you is, then you need to make space to create some.

Making friends can be hard. I like to pride myself on being able to make friendships no matter where I go, but even I struggle from time to time. Just last year I had a HUGE friend LOW.

My legacy friends were all busy and being that I moved 30-minutes away took a huge toll on the amount of time we spent together.

The lack of friends wasn’t for a lack of trying because I was trying to find healthy friendships, but I keep falling short.

I chose NOT to allow my heart to get discouraged and kept my focus on what I desired. I chose to be conscious in my connections and you know what happened… I made some AMAZING new friendships!


And now that I have them… I still don’t have time, however, I ALWAYS make time.

I hope, for those of you reading this, you can hear how important it is to create space in your busy life for creating healthy connections. This investment of your time and energy will enrich your life in so many ways if you let it. 😊😊😊

During this week’s video, I share with you some ideas on how to make conscious connections and even how to start to evaluate your current connections as well.

Make time. Create space. And get involved. Sometimes the best thing you can do is put yourself in the right environment to discover new friendships.

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Be sure to watch the video and let us know what you think!

We love hearing from you.

Until next time, keep being awesome!

XOXO Bonnie Kelly

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