Why I wouldn’t get eaten by a Polar Bear… 🐻😱

Did you know there is a big difference between being safe and making excuses?

🤔 Read on…

Do you find you just can’t seem to get past the constant yo-yo diet experience, or can’t bring yourself to leaving that relationship you know isn’t right for you. 👎

Maybe you know you’ve dug yourself a rut or can’t seem to get over the hurt, anger, shame or pain you are feeling. 👎

🌺 Where ever you feel stuck in, there is a way out.

But it’s not always the obvious solution. Trainers will tell you to focus on your diet, friends will tell you just to be happy, coaches will tell you just to take action, and podcaster might tell you to retrain your focus.

All solid advice and all a piece of the puzzle… but not the whole answer.

The real culprit isn’t a surface level solution… its really under the service that is the problem. I am sure ___name___ that you have heard of the Iceberg Effect. 🐧 ❄ It states that similar to an iceberg, we only see 10% of how big the issue is, while 90% lives below the surface.

Your problem isn’t going to be solved solely with what you see above ground…. 🌳 YOU MUST go below the surface and dive deep into the mysteries of the unconscious mind.

This poses a challenge.

Most of us have NO IDEA how to tackle all that lurks under the surface, not to mention most of us are terrified of what we will find. 😱 We fear pandora’s box, and so avoid it.

Look, I agree to an extent but there is a fine line between being “safe” and making excuses. And truthfully if you are honest with yourself… you know the difference.

It wouldn’t be safe for me to book a flight to the arctic without being prepared, doing research on what I could expect and studying where to go. Without being prepared I would show up in a T-shirt and land in a spot where I would #1 freeze to death and 🐻 #2 get eaten by a polar bear!

To be smart, I would hire a guide. I would buy books by people who have been there & done that. I would research travel guides and call local visitor centers. 🏁 I would DO THE WORK 🏁 to be prepared and safe.

Unlocking your subconscious mind and all the trapped emotions lurking is no different. To master your mind you need a guide. 🗺 You need help from someone who has been there and done that. You need to talk with someone who knows the way.

🤔 Wait… Who do you know that has totally done that?!

HAHA 😂😂 – Shameless self-plug but it’s true. If you are ready to master your mind, unlimit your life and unleash your best self… then hire me to be your guide.

I am here to help.

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And in the meantime… Check out this week’s MRM (Mind Right Monday) 🎥 where I share 3-tips to helping you Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind.

Until next time –


Bonnie Kelly

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