How Your Past Affects Your Future

I am sitting here getting ready to write you this empowering & uplifting email, yet my heart is heavy?.


As I am awaiting my flight back to Northern California, I hear the tragic news of Vegas. My heart is heavy, words are few and I can’t help but wonder WT-Fudge.


As a people, we are in serious pain and as a result, we are causing each other serious pain.


I just spent the past 3 days in San Diego, masterminding with 7 other beautiful women from around the world. We dove deep into our purpose & mission in this world ?.


As I shared my mission, I passionately expressed how imperative it is that the world has an Emotional Revolution and radically transforms our relationship with our feelings. We need to wake up to a better understanding of how our past experiences, pains and hurts are affecting our decisions today.


Though I have NO idea why this coco-puff shot into an innocent group of people, I bet he was in dire need of an emotional transformation.


This revolution requires ALL of us to come together and become Rebels for Joy ?. To advocate and educate on the importance of ending NEEDLESS suffering since most people have NO idea that they are the cause of most of their own suffering.


“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” -Buddha


Today I shouting out to all of my light workers, people healers, world savers, hope believers, joy seekers and love makers in the world to rise together and send this world some LOVE ???.


We all are the care-bears of our generation and it is time for a MF’ing Care Bear Stare ?!


Today I choose to spread love ?. Today I choose to share joy?. Today I choose to extend compassion even to those who haven’t earned it. Who’s with me?!


What do you choose today?


How do you choose to live?


Who do you choose to be?


If any part of you is ready to choose something different than what you have; if any part of you knows that you are needlessly suffering; if any part of you is ready to uncover your truest self, then I call upon you today to rise and stand with us within the revolution. And discover how you too can become a rebel for joy in a world full of suffering.


If you are ready. If you are over the pain, the limitations, the hiding, the dimming, the mindlessness, the anger ?, the hurt, and letting your past dictate your future, then call me… it’s time we talked.


The Over It Academy is now open and your best life is calling. Choose to step into your power. Choose to be a force of change. And join us in bringing joy to this world that is full of suffering.


I believe in you. You can do this. What are you waiting for?


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Until next week, I love you my friend and together we will change this world,

XOXO – Bonnie Kelly