It’s Not Your Fault, But It Is Your Responsibility

Good Morning Troops! What a beautiful day to live life your way! This morning I am sharing with you one of my absolutely favorite topics, which is personal responsibility. Yep, taking ownership of the direction and impact your life has.

Now, I won’t spoil all the fun, as this week’s episode has some seriously good intel, but what I do want to emphasize is the importance of this topic. Even if you do think you take ownership, I BET there are still some subconscious areas that need some fine tuning.

Let’s flashback for a moment. The year 2003 and I just moved here to California after many years on the run. My life was a mess, correction, I was a mess. Filled with self-hatred, anger, and self-loathing, for all the hurt, abuse, neglect and pain I had endured, I was desperate for change.

What I didn’t realize was what it was going to take to truly transform my life. Up until this point, I was a victim of my life, and stuck deep within the shadows of blame. And understandably so, I was literally a victim to abuse sexual violence and crime, but what I wasn’t aware of was how these experiences shaped my identity. They shaped my viewpoint and outlook on life, and if I must say so myself, this viewpoint sucked! To me, at this time, life was filled with bad people, who only do bad things, and I must stay guarded, on edge, protected and never let anyone in! Man did this have unintentional repercussions.

What I needed, and ultimately ended up having to adopt, was a new outlook. I needed to let go of my old victim story, step out of the shadows of blame and enter into the light of personal responsibility. It wasn’t my fault why I lacked the tools, support, and insights up until this point. It wasn’t my fault why I felt worthless, hopeless and developed a habit of self-protection. These were the unfortunate repercussions of dysfunction. But if I wanted a new life, if I wanted joy, connection, love, happiness, and success, then I needed to take responsibility of where my life was going.

When I was stuck in my history, my story, it paralyzed me from taking responsibility. I was too distracted by my hurt, blame and whois me and this clouded my perspective and kept me blind to having a choice. This doesn’t have to be your future, just as it is no longer mine. You too can have all that you dream, all that you desire, if you are willing to look at all the ways you are being blindsided by your histories.

Join me and let’s make this change reality. Join me and end the cycle of self-sabotage. Join me and finally GET OVER IT!

Check out this week’s episode and learn more about why it’s not your fault and join me LIVE this weekend in Sacramento at the Doubletree Hotel Saturday, Feb. 11th & 12th to Unleash Your Awesome!

Until Next Week, Keep Being Awesome!

With Love – Bonnie Kelly

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