It’s Okay to Not be Okay.

Do you struggle in secret? 🤐🤐

I wish I could say we live in an emotionally intelligent world 🌏 where we could honor our authentic emotions free of judgment and worry… but we don’t.

Throughout most of our lives, we have been taught to shut down, numb out, and ignore our emotions. 🤒

But to what end??

We have been taught that it isn’t safe to acknowledge our truest feelings and thus have learned to struggle in secret. 🤐

We put on our happy faces, pretend everything is fine and lose ourselves along the way.

Well I say, NO MORE!! ✊

This world is in serious need of an Emotional Revolution!! This world needs people like you👈.

People who are willing to do the work to heal and learn the skills need to transform their emotional states.

💖 The world needs you.

But we cannot change this world if we aren’t willing to change ourselves first. So I ask you, Are you struggling in secret? Are you in your own way and ready for change?

If so… Let’s talk. Simply reply to this email or Click HERE to schedule. There are tools & solutions to help you get out of your own way! The world needs you 👈 and together we can do this.

In the meantime… Check out this week’s Mind Right Monday Video where I share a few tips & tools “It’s okay to NOT be okay”.

Until next time,
XOXO – Bonnie Kelly.


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