Thursday Jan 11th at 9am PST

Is your motivation short-lived?

Do you struggle to reach your goals or make a change?

Is your success & failures fueled by your motivation or lack thereof?

Believe it or not, your struggle is normal.

In fact, 80% of people don’t set yearly goals anymore¬†because they struggle so much with motivation. And out of the 20% of us that do… well 90% will fail to see their goals achieved.

Sounds depressing right?!?

But it doesn’t have to be this way!! You can learn to master motivation and¬†rewire your mind for success! It is possible with the right training, support and help. Join me in learning how to be a Revolution Rockstar by learning to be in the top 10% of successful goal achievers!

Here is what you will learn in this FREE 90 Minute Master Class...

- What are the 3 types of Motivation Fuel

- How your past experiences are fueling your failure

- How to push past the motivation blues.

- Unraveling your cycle of self-sabotage

- Steps to success: How to Master Motivation

Thursday, Jan 11th at 9am PST

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