500 of you need to read this email.

So let’s be honest. For most of you, this isn’t going to be your favorite email you’ve received from me, 😨 but it might just be one of the most important.

Currently, this email is reaching about 5,000 of you and out of which 500 of you will completely understand the importance of this email.

The other 4,500 of you, I plead with you to read on anyway as this does directly affect someone you know.

In fact, the statistic are staggering… 1 in 10 children before the age of 18 know what I am talking about.

That’s 10% of our population have experienced or will experience some form of sexual abuse prior to reaching adulthood.

😢 Horrible right?!

I agree. And I was one of the 10%.

Many of you have read my story, (if not snag a copy of my bestselling book True To Your Core, it is SO worth the read) but my story isn’t why I want to talk with you today.

Rather, it is what happens beyond the story.

Right now you might see all over social media or TV a huge campaign entitled #MeToo. 😬 For many, this is the first time they have ever felt safe to speak up about their hidden pains. To finally acknowledge the ugly elephant 🐘 in the room.

And I encourage it. But where do we go from here?

#MeToo, but Now What is the voice needing to be heard. 🏆 Acknowledgment is key. 🗣 Speaking truth is key, but these are only the first step.

What I fear happening more than anything with the #MeToo campaign is only the focus on the pain and injustice and NOT ON THE HEALING. 🔮

Yes, there needs to be action.
Yes, there needs to be justice.

Yes, there needs to be change.

And ALL of this can be accomplished through the hearts of healed minds. 🤔 Minds that are no longer tormented by the hurts of their past. Minds that are not stuck in shame or blame, anger or despair, rather empowered action. 💪💪

Today I want to give voice to #NowWhat.

Today I want to encourage the 500 who need this email to seek healing and support. And Today I ask that the 4,500 of you who do not know this pain, share this with those around you as many are suffering in silence.

Check out this week’s special edition episode and be sure to share with your friends. You can share this email, the video or on social media. Whichever way you feel is most effective.

Together we can and are making a difference.


Bonnie Kelly.

PS – If you (or someone you know) is finally ready to heal from this hidden pain be sure to reply to this email. I have resources that will help.

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