Overcoming Paralyzing Fear

I have a Fish Fetish…wait, what?! 🐟🐟

Yep… I said this once to a waiter. It was last year and my team and I were down in LA for a conference at some fancy fish restaurants.

We ordered many different ahi dishes and were delighting in the fresh flavors while washing it down with a ice cold Sauvignon Blanc. 🍷

The waiter returned after a few bites and asked us how our food was. Overjoyed I turned to him and start raving about how fresh the tuna was and how much we enjoyed it. I continued by saying (and I quote) “I seriously have a fish fetish!” 🐟

Like nothing happened, I went back to my food, the waiter left and there sat my team blank faced staring at me.

Quickly they asked me if I knew what the word “fetish” meant and confidently I said yes! “It means I am borderline obsessed with how yummy fish is!”

As usual (since you would be surprised at how often this happens to me) they all erupted in laughter while explaining to me what the word really meant.

Mortified, I faced the waiter once again to explain to him that I used the wrong word.

With what appeared to be a sigh of relief the waiter did his best not to spit on our food as he too erupted in laughter.

You think that I would be consumed with shame, embarrassment, or feeling pretty stupid at this point, but instead I too was creaking jokes, laughing and making fun of myself for this insanely comical #word-fail. 😂😂😂

Now, I can’t say this wasn’t always the case. In fact there was a time in my life when I was consumed with the fear of looking stupid.

I seriously would become paralyzed with fear when it came to speaking, spelling or writing on a board and had killer avoiding tactics to evade these things. This fear, once present, would blank out my mind and cause me to forget how to say or spell seemingly easy words. 😱

I was stuck and needed tools to break free!

In reality, we all have strengths and weaknesses. It wasn’t until I embraced this fear, learned to get OVER myself and stop taking myself so seriously, when I too could laugh at the ridiculousness of my life.  😍😍

In this week’s video I share with you 3-tips on how you too can start to overcome your paralyzing fear. Check it out!

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Best dishes,


PS – HAHA! And Yes I know I said dishes. LOL! 😂