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The past few months have been a bit, well, overwhelming if I say so myself. After many years of working my tail off to build up my business, it’s finally made it. 😊

Nowadays people know who I am and how I can help them. We have students daily contacting us to join my programs vs. me chasing after them. I have an amazing husband, wonderful house and awesome new car (if I say so myself!). 🚗🚗

Yet… I failed.

I’ve failed to take charge of my business growth, to slow down and realigned my focus and better manage my team and as a result… We have built a mess.

Things have been getting done and checked off the list, but they aren’t getting done well. My time is often spent cleaning up messes my team (and I make) and taking on responsibilities that… well, honestly aren’t mine and I want to blame.

I want to blame others. I want to blame my team. I want to blame my (very innocent) husband for just looking at me wrong (😂😂). I want to blame the business and my teachers… and I could.

But honestly… it’s my fault. 

I’ve known I needed to hire help aLONG TIME ago. I’ve known that some of my team members were in the wrong position. I’ve known that I justify and rationalize others failures when really… I need to hold them accountable.

But I lacked the how, support and understanding to do so.

So, what did i do?​​​​​​​

I hide behind my excuses, put my face down and “worked myself to stressed” so that I had even MORE excuses to stay stuck. 🙃

Who are you blaming [First Name]?
Where are you avoiding taking responsibility and hiding out of fear?

💪Honestly, we all do it and there is a better way.

Just like I had to take a long hard look in the mirror, you need to too. This can trigger stress and overwhelm but you are more than capable to get through it, just like I have.

🏁 Now, I’m doing things different. 🏁

I am hiring people who are qualified vs people I like, all while managing my stress along the way. 🙏

What to know how I am doing it?? 

Then check out this week’s Mind Right Monday video to see! I will teach you my #1 method to reducing stress in 3-minutes or less!! Pretty cool huh!!

Oh and as a side note, did you notice I have some live events coming up?? ⤵⤵ Scroll to the bottom and check them out!! ⤵⤵ I can’t wait to see you soon!

Bonnie Kelly ​​​​

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