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How to have a Functional Relationship w/ Dysfunctional People.

Do you have a relationship in your life you struggle with? Maybe it’s a parent, spouse, child, co-worker, friend or acquaintance that just drives you bananas??!

Whether it’s because they aren’t self-aware, won’t take personal responsibility, constantly in blame or shame, narcissistic, dramatic or just are always offended; these relationships can cause us tremendous amounts of stress & pain… ?

But, they don’t have too. There is a better way.

If you are ready to...

Learn how to Not Take It Personal
Learn How to Assert Healthy Boundaries
Not be Emotionally Impacted
Form Better Communication
Release Unspoken Expectations
Have a Functional Relationship

Then this FREE class is for you!
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There are 2 times & days we go live and this is one live event you aren’t going to want to miss. I will be answering your questions, doing on the spot coaching and giving real live examples!

Be apart of the conversation. Space is limited and though you reserved your spot here doesn’t guarantee you seat at the live event, so be sure to arrive early. We do first come seating to ensure no spots are left empty.

Can’t get into the room? No worries! It will be recorded and emailed to all who sign up!

We go live:

Thursday, Nov 30th 2017 @ 8:30 am PST
Friday, Dec 1st, 2017 @ 8:30 am PST

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  1. Anna

    I would really love to learn this skill as I tend to be sensitive and then feel upset and take things personally. I think this could be a life changing if I master this skill.Evenue if I ignore such people and focus on the issue I tend to feel low and unhappy with their behaviour or the way they reacted.

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