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Breakthrough YOU! March Madness!!

Are you in your own way?

Are you trapped in a cycle of Self-Sabotage?

Are you over feeling insecure?

Are you seeking answers to the WHY?

Then let’s jam out! During this 60-Minute Power Training, I am LIVE to answer all your personal development questions. We will explore reasons why you are in your own way, why you are trapped in the cycle of self-sabotage, where your insecurities emanate from, explore the big personal dev WHY’S and so much more! 

This is a unique interactive training that is designed to help you understand YOU! You will be free to ask questions, get coached, listen and learn.

Bonnie Kelly is a master coach who has helped thousands of people just like you break free of toxic self-limitations. Her unique methodology has helped people in all stages of life end self-sabotage, develop a deep understanding of self, and step into their best selves all while equipping them with the tools needed to be fiercely self-reliant! 

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Signing up for one or signing up for them all requires the same thing, filling out the form above. By registering, you will get an email with instructions to access this limited time training madness happening all through the month of March.

Don’t miss your chance to Breakthrough YOU! Live from the safety and comfort of your own home. Once you are registered, you will get notified of each LIVE event. Seats are limited to 50 people per slot so make sure you arrive on the all at least 5-minutes early to claim your seat. See you soon!

Breakthrough YOU March Madness Dates:

March 2 – 11am PST – 60 Minutes Zoom Training (Link below)

March 9 – 9:30am PST – 60 Minutes Zoom Training (Link below)

March 16 – 9:30am PST – 60 Minutes Zoom Training (Link below)

March 23 – 9:30am PST – 60 Minutes Zoom Training (Link below)

March 30 – 9:30am PST – 60 Minutes Zoom Training (Link below)