Success Vs. Failure

To answer the question in the headline today, you are going to want to watch this week’s Mind Right Monday, and trust me… you’re going to want to watch this 5-minute classic! 😂😂

In the meantime, while I have your attention  I want to talk with you about something personal…

For those of you who haven’t read my book 📘 or know my story, I have quite a history.

A story filled with sexual abuse, abandonment, betrayal, dysfunction, drugs and a laundry list of really bad choices 😞.

Transforming from this state of being to where I am today wasn’t an easy walk in the park.

It took serious discipline, hard work and lots of sacrifice.

The main word is sacrifice.

The sacrifice of time 🕒 to learn and money 💰 to hire help. The sacrifice of who I was and what I had come to know. And the sacrifice of a state of being that no longer served me.

People often forget that for their lives to improve, they will need to make sacrifices, and once they come up against this… they often high-tail it back to their “safety zone” of what they know.

But is that what you want?

Is staying the same really making you happy? Probably not, however, the pain of change might be more painful than the discomfort of where you are.

There is an old saying that people change for 2 reasons: they learn enough where they want too or they hurt enough where they have too. My favorite types of students are the ones who reach these points.

But what about the people in between this. The people who are just “unsatisfied”, “uncomfortable”, or just “unhappy”.

These are the people who’s fear 😱 of the change outweighs the sacrifices they need to make in order to make the change and so… they stay stuck.

Not in misery but in “okay” and I’m fine-ville even though they know they are meant for more.

The truth is… you are made for more.

You are made to be happy 😊, to rejoice 🙌, to NOT BE IN YOUR OWN WAY! You deserve to know you are loved, worthy and more than enough 💖, you just might need help getting there.

If you are ready, I can show you the way.

I know all too well the journey you will need to take, the changes needed to be made and I have developed a road map that will take you there step by step. But, it boils down to you and your choices.

Will you choose to do something different?

WIll you choose to do the work & make the sacrifices?

Will you join me in living your best life?

If yes, than call me & lets chat. Class has already started and you have less than 2-weeks to join until it’s too late. Together we can do this. Together we can change.

Click HERE to snag 20-min with me, or if they are all booked call/text my office +1 916-468-4569 or simply reply to this email. We are here for you every step of the way!

And be sure to check out this week’s video for a good laugh & to learn the #1 biggest thing that separates success & failure.

Until next time,

XOXO – Bonnie Kelly

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