The book of Joy

Seriously, who doesn’t want more joy? I think as a society we all are desperately seeking more joy 😄 in our lives.

It has been said that books with the word Joy and Happiness in them sell better than any other personal development book 📖 on the market.

What does that tell you??

We are starving for joy! And honestly, it’s understandable why.

Over the years our ability to connect, relate and be in touch with our human brothers & sisters has drastically decreased due to social media. Why spend the money 💰 to visit your friends when you always know what they’re doing on the daily!?!

But we are missing out. We are missing connection, fun, 😁 laughter and have gotten lost in our own personal lives where we tend to take ourselves too gosh darn serious 😒!

We need more JOY and we need it now!

That is why, when a client of mine recommended The Book Of Joy to me, I about fell out of my chair while listening to it.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu came together to discuss this very topic and found there are 8 fundamental pillars to joy.

While listing, I became overjoyed to discover that their 8 pillars happen to be the same corner points of my teaching!! I couldn’t believe it! No wonder my clients end up being so gosh darn happy!! 😍

The book is a must listen for sure! I say listen because it is out of this world entertaining and enjoyable! The big takeaway that I want to be sure to point out is the importance of creating joy vs. waiting for joy to just happen.

I think we often get lost in the expectation that joy is just going to happen vs. being purposeful about creating joy in all aspects of your life.

So in today’s Mind Right Monday I will share with you the 8-pillars of Joy and encourage you too to inject more joy into your day-to-day life!

Check it out! And if you need a little extra happy boost, then let’s talk! 📞 You know I have the tools and resources you have been looking for.

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Until next time,

Keep being awesome!

💖 XOXO Bonnie Kelly

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