Top 4 Boundary Rules

“How disrespectful can they be… Seriously?

No matter what I say it’s just never enough. They don’t respect me nor do they even want to understand me.

They’re the ones with issues! 😡😡 Their the ones being so harsh, judgemental, and disrespectful. I’ve had enough! I am going to give them a piece of my mind! I will show them how wrong they are and teach them a lesson in their own game!”


Sound a little familiar and yucky?

Yeah, I get it. And these were actual thoughts I’ve had about engaging with my 👪 family.

And truthfully, I was in the right to “reflect back their behavior”, in wanting to “teach them a lesson”.


But just because I was right, doesn’t make it okay.

My desire to attack who they were and defend myself was actually a fail  👎 on my part, not theirs. Brene Brown says it best…


“When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable, we feel used and mistreated. This is why we sometimes attack who they are, which is far more hurtful than addressing a behavior or a choice.”  ― Brené Brown


The warning flags were all there. 🚩🚩

Their behavior was constantly violating my boundaries but my fear blocked me from doing things differently.

My fear 👻 of losing their love prevented me from asserting boundaries, for asking for what I needed and kept me feeling small, attacked and allowed them to unknowingly continue their behavior.


All of which could be transformed with boundaries.

🙄 I know, I know, this has been a big topic this month, but are you listening??

👂 Have you listened to your own heart, feelings and emotions?
🚧 Where are you needing healthier boundaries??


We all need more tools around this topic, so to help you start practicing I dedicated this week’s MRM (Mind Right Monday) 🎥 to understanding my Top 4 Boundary Rules!

My secret to boundary success lies within these rules. Know them. Apply them. Use them. They can help you if you are willing to practice.


Enjoy! And until next time! 🎄 Happy Holidays!!

💗 XOXO – BK  (Bonnie Kelly)

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Functional Relationships
Functional Relationships