Transform Your Bad Habits

I just couldn’t take it anymore?. My hair was falling out, my heart seemed to be endlessly beating in my chest, my mind was running like a hamster on Redbull and no matter how much I worked I still felt behind.

The stress was more than I could take.

So… I broke.

? Laying in bed, exhausted, overwhelmed and mentally Over It, I knew something had to change but it wasn’t the obvious changes.

YES, I needed to listen to my coach and slow down. Yes, I need to take better self-care. Yes, I needed to start saying no. These were the obvious changes that need to happen, but they weren’t the big one.

What I really needed was to change my mental habits?.

The relentless thoughts ? to do more, keep going, push harder, be stronger, win, win, win conditioning I was taught by the very society we all live in.

As I lay in bed ? for the 3rd day in the row, I had no choice but to own my part. To recognize the toxic mindset ruts I allowed to form my habits.

It was the plaguing feeling of not being enough ? that was the true culprit lurking under the surface and keeping me on the edge of a continuous breakdown.

The truth is, you can change your outer habits, take more action, do more and see change, but it will be short-lived unless you transform your insides to meet your outsides ?.

So what did I do

I changed my mental habits, that’s what. I began to separate my worth from my accomplishments, my weight from my attractiveness, my bank account with my success and started to LOVE MYSELF right here… right now?.

And you know what happened?

My accomplishments expanded, my weight stabilized and my bank account grew, all while having inner peace, happiness and joy lead the way ??.

Sound like something you need to invest your time in?

?, I TOTALLY get it, and I can help. Starting in ? February open enrollment starts again for my 1-year program and I am looking for 38 people who are committed to doing the work to change their lives.

Life doesn’t have to be so stressful, overwhelming or difficult. I’m not saying you won’t face difficulty, but you can learn the tools to see, feel, experience and respond in a way that allows even the darkest moments to be short-lived.

Discover your Journey back to Joy ?. Invest in yourself, because… you’re worth it. Click HERE to learn more about The Over It Academy and let’s schedule some time to chat.

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Until Next Time, Keep Being Awesome,


Bonnie Kelly