Transforming Your Story From Victim To Victory!

Good morning friend!

I think the universe has a funny way of ironically teaching valuable lessons. As I opened my computer from my father’s hospital room in Raleigh North Carolina to start working on my Mind Right Monday Volg, go figure today is the day I am talking about victim to victory.

Earlier last week my father almost died. I know, scary right! My father for those of you who haven’t read my book is my hero and is the person you all can thank for the women you know today.

He is healthy, vibrant, and active ‘young-old’ man who has no prior health conditions, but during a routine outpatient procedure everything went wrong. The doctors were in shock that a stent which was placed in his leg travelled to his heart and started ripping through his heart wall, calling for a major life-threatening open heart surgery. There has only ever been 2 reported cases of this in history!

The doctors were in shock. After the initial chaos of the travelling 1st stent, they took some pictures to find the other one was also on the move! This called for another risky operation and a second 1 and ½ foot scar!

There are so many reasons why my father should be dead right now, but God had other plans. The doctors here are calling him ‘the miracle man’ since he has defied all odds. (Not surprising if you know my father lol).

I share this with you to prove a point. I want you to check in right now… Yes, right now and tell me how you feel.

Pause right now and check into your feelings.

Are you feeling sorry for me or my father?

Are you feeling sorry for yourself as this reminds you of something in your life?

Are you feeling grateful?

Are you feeling empathetic or sympathetic?

Honestly, how do you feel?

The reason I ask you this is for you to see if you have slipped down into victim (which is pretty easy to do when things are difficult). But knowing where your energy is going is key to keeping you out of victim and helping you step into a more empowered life.

All week long I have had the opportunity to be victimised.  With almost losing the man I adore, admire and respect, it would be understandable to feel sorry for myself, to get lost in grief and feel comforted by everyone who expresses their sympathy. But by doing so my energy would slip into victim and tank my emotional state and honestly, what good would that do?

Now let me be clear, it is 100% understandable and natural to feel emotionally drained, sad, grief, remorse and even depression after situations like these, especially if it hadn’t turned out in good favour. Feeling this is natural and normal, staying there is not and that is what I am talking about.

All week long, instead of dipping into the victim LOW and sharing the tragedy of the experience when asked, “how’s your dad doing”, I choose instead to squash that gossip and share how well he’s doing and the miracle that has been received. Keeping my energy focused here has allowed me to keep my spirits high along with the spirits of those around me. I choose the victory vs. the victim.

In this week’s episode, I share with you 3 additional tips to help you get out of your victim story and step into victory! Check it out and be sure to share it with someone you know that might be struggling!

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Good Luck this week my friend and until next time, keep being awesome!


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