• Building Lasting Self Confidence

    Hey freind! How was your weekend?! I was blessed to spend the weekend with some friends on the delta this weekend! Here is the view from the deck:


    At last year’s Taylor House Gala, a group of us bought the Delta House weekend package and we finally got a chance to use it! It was so much fun and we can’t wait to bid again at the upcoming event in Roseville CA on September 28th! (Click HERE to learn more about this epic non-profit)

    Let’s talk SELF-CONFIDENCE!

    Look, everyone struggles with this in different areas of our lives. Some of us are SUPER confident when it comes to making money but lack it when it comes to talking to the opposite sex.

    Some of us are super confident in our own skin, whereas others can never seem to find the right outfit! Some love to meet new people, others can’t stand having a 5-minute meet-n-greet! And some of us feel paralyzed by our lack of confidence in all aspects of our lives.

    But, why is this???

    How is it that we can be super confident in one area and not the next? Why do we struggle so much with being seen, heard, felt, or loved?

    Well honestly, it’s because what makes us insecure isn’t something we can change on the outside.

    See, typically we think if we just lose that 10lbs, or have the right outfit, or have our bank accounts at a certain level, THEN I will have the confidence!

    I hate to break this to you but… this is not the answer.

    It might feel like it for a moment when you get that temporary boost, or that extra attention you were longing for, but, this will be short lived.

    You see, you can’t fix an inward issue by looking outside of you.

    Lasting self-confidence is an inward job that can only be cured with inward solutions. To help you accomplish this, I have 2 things for you.

    First: watch this week’s Mind Right Monday episode where I talk about lasting self-confidence.

    Second: sign-up to join me for Coaching & Coffee starting this week Wednesday at 7:30am PST.

    It’s 100% free and is my way of giving back to you! This week we will explore what is blocking YOU from having self-confidence and use my BREAKTHROUGH YOU coaching methodology to help you unleash the best version of you possible!

    Reserving your spot is easy, but don’t snag one unless you are 100% committed to joining me as space is limited. Sign UP HERE!

    Okay! Best wishes my loves! And make sure to share this video with anyone you know who could use the confidence boost!

    Until next time, keep being awesome!

    Bonnie Kelly

    PS: Did you hear the news!! We will be LIVE September 22-23 for my Journey to Joy Live Event! Tickets go on sale this week Friday and space is limited to just 100-spots! Keep an eye on your inbox for details!

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  • Are You Insecurities Keeping You Small?

    I got sick again last week. The stomach flu hit me like a ton of bricks last Monday after coming back from a fun 3-day camp trip with friends.

    I know where I got the sickness (thanks fellow camp buddies), but yet why out of 15 people there was I the only one who left that trip with this bug?

    Why was I the only one who got sick? 😷

    You may think; well maybe your immune system was weaker, or you were stressed, or you shared something. Maybe. But I think it was something much more… Self-Sabotage.

    Yep. I got sick so I didn’t have to face my fear. 😱

    Many of you are like WHAT?! But let me connect the dots for you.

    As many of you already know I am currently up-leveling my business this year. I hired 2 amazing coaches who are helping me take my business from 6-figures to multiple 6-figures. Yes, this is heck of exciting, but also terrifying.

    Up-leveling means more risk, more responsibility, and demands more leadership. “Can I handle it?” “What if I fail?” “What if I don’t make it?” “What if I crumple under the pressure?!!!”

    My fears flared up and started ringing in my ears. For week’s I avoided addressing these insecurities and distracted myself with busy-work so that I wouldn’t have to deal with them.

    But God has a bigger plan and you can only ignore your soul for so long before it kicks you in the butt to get moving.

    Thus my sickness.🤒It was my soul’s way of checking me for allowing my old BS to run the show!


    I took ownership of my BS and instantly started to use my tools to power through my shit. Now I’m back on track and more excited than ever!!  

    NOTE: Having the tools & know-how doesn’t mean that my fear and insecurities won’t get the best of me from time-to-time. Rather, it means I can confidently identify and change direction when my old BS beliefs start to run the show.

    What about you? Where in your life is your fear, doubt & insecurities running the show?

    Own it, acknowledge it, and do something about it! If you need a little help with the “what do I do” part of it, then that’s where you might need to ask for guidance.

    Here is what you can do.

    First, watch this week’s 🦄 Mind Right Monday episode on Stop Avoiding & Taking Ownership. Second, schedule an appointment with me and let’s talk 📱.

    There are solutions and the BK-Way can show you how. I have created a step-by-step blueprint to help you transform your BS beliefs to Bliss. Don’t believe me, just see what my grads have had to say.

    Enrollment for my year long program opens this week. Schedule your appointment today 📱 and let’s see if we can make the change you are seeking reality.

    Enjoy! And until next week, keep being awesome!

    XOXO – BK

    Book your appointment HERE

  • What do Don Miguel Ruiz, WAYNE DYER and the Dalai Lama Have in Common?

    The title of this email sounds like the start to a perfect joke. I wish I had some witty answer for you this morning, but I woke up sick today 🙁 so my brain isn’t cooperating.

    But in all seriousness, what do these 3 legendary speakers 🗣 & authors 📖 share in common?

    Well, they all wrote personal dev books📖. They all share a passion for helping others end their own personal suffering 😞, and they all champion 🏆 compassion.

    They are leaders in the world of self-development and mindfulness and truly are some of the greatest of our times.

    They share so much in common that if you guessed something else, you would also be right, but what I love about all three of these guys is there constant message for us to STOP TAKING THINGS SO PERSONAL!

    Time after time, you can find literature from these men sharing how often we take situations and experience to heart and make them mean something about us, when it has nothing to do with us.

    In this week’s episode, I will share 3 of my favorite quotes from these men and how by taking this advice to heart, you too can end needless suffering in your life.

    Until next week, Keep it real!

    Bonnie Kelly
    PS: Did you know that stopping taking things so personal requires inner work on your part? Through mindfulness training, you too can put an end to this relentless cycle of the mind. Learn how by going to www.21DayEmotionalDetox.com and start taking action.

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  • Challenge the BS Beliefs in Your Mind

    If you have been reading my emails these past few months then you have been hearing me talk a lot about the BS beliefs🌡in the mind and for good reason!

    Whether consciously or not, we all have beliefs that lurk in our subconscious minds that continuously sabotage our decisions and keep us trapped in a state of “familiar”.

    Well that’s all fine and dandy if “familiar” is butterflies and rainbows, but what if familiar is disappointment and dysfunction, then what?!?

    🔥Then life gets or continues being miserable, but it doesn’t have to be this way. 🚀

    You see, we all have beliefs that imprison us to some extent. Sometimes the BS🌡keeps us trapped living paycheck to paycheck, 💸sometimes it keeps us dating the same time of people 💑, and sometimes it keeps us yo-yoing with our health⚕.

    I have this friend who I love to the moon and back! 🌙 I want nothing but the world for this person. They are very self-aware, easy to get along with, beyond helpful and growth-minded, except when it comes to relationships.

    This dear friend of mine keeps dating the same type of people who are projects, need to be “fixed” and/or rescued more days than not. It is PAINFUL😖 to watch this person fall in love over and over again and constantly battle for better communication and personal responsibility.

    UGH! If only they could identify the BS belief🌡that keeps them stuck in this rescuer mindset, then and only then can they step off the crazy train 🚂 and land at a station where they are attracted to other growth-minded partners.

    You might be wondering what BS belief🌡 this friend could be operating on, well, honestly I don’t know. I don’t typically coach my friends and family (it’s an ethical thing), but I do know that it is 100% a pattern that I have seen play out in every aspect of this person’s life. From the friends they make to the people they date, life gives opportunity after opportunity for this person to be a “rescuer”.

    What I do know for sure is that this BS🌡comes from their past where as a child they were forced to grow up quickly and be the fixer at a young age. This conditioning guaranteed installed some kind of BS in the mind that “people need saving” and has kept my friend stuck for most of their life. 🚸

    My question to you… where are you stuck?

    Where are you allowing BS🌡in your mind to run the show without question? And are you even aware of it?!?

    In this week’s episode, I am going to challenge you to both identify and eliminate the BS🌡in your mind! The best part, I even provided a PDF for you to work on! Bad-ass, I know!

    Check it out, and if you are ready to take these ideas into action, then join us for our 21-Day Emotional Detox Challenge. It started on Saturday, and you still have time to join us!

    Signing up is easy, simply click HERE and join! Within minutes you will have access to my program and steps to start eliminating the BS🌡in the mind for good!!

    Until Next Time, Happy 4th!

    XOXO – BK

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  • End The Cycle Of Self Sabotage

    Happy Mind Right Monday! 3-Steps to ending self-sabotage.

    Well good morning! And welcome back to another Mind Right Monday!

    In today’s episode I will share 3-steps to ending self-sabotage. Have you noticed I have been covering this topic a lot these past few-months! 🎡

    Well, it’s because it is a common thread we all share.

    In fact, it is one of our biggest pain points 😬 that keeps us stuck repeating the same scenarios over and over again. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it will keep repeating until we learn a better way!

    I know, I know… that sucks! But being honest with ourselves and each other is the only way to grow. 🌱

    When’s the last time you evaluated your behaviors?

    I know you are a pro with self-care but self-evaluation isn’t something that is often talked about or an action that is often taken.

    You see, self-sabotage is sneaky 😏 and is often masked with blame or labeled as situational or a fluke occurrence when the exact opposite is true!

    WE PARTICIPATE in our cycle whether we admit it or not, we do! 😱 And we have to self-evaluate our behaviors to stop it from repeating again.

    Now don’t get me wrong, shit happens. 💩 I get this. And sometimes bad things just happen to good people, I hear you, but in most cases, there is an underlying unconscious participation that is lurking below the surface and desperately needs our attention.

    Discovering our role is the key to emotional freedom! Check out this week’s video and see for yourself just how powerful self-sabotage is and start taking steps now to stop it!

    Enjoy! And until next week, keep being awesome!

    XOXO – BK

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  • Overcoming Paralyzing Fear

    I have a Fish Fetish…wait, what?! 🐟🐟

    Yep… I said this once to a waiter. It was last year and my team and I were down in LA for a conference at some fancy fish restaurants.

    We ordered many different ahi dishes and were delighting in the fresh flavors while washing it down with a ice cold Sauvignon Blanc. 🍷

    The waiter returned after a few bites and asked us how our food was. Overjoyed I turned to him and start raving about how fresh the tuna was and how much we enjoyed it. I continued by saying (and I quote) “I seriously have a fish fetish!” 🐟

    Like nothing happened, I went back to my food, the waiter left and there sat my team blank faced staring at me.

    Quickly they asked me if I knew what the word “fetish” meant and confidently I said yes! “It means I am borderline obsessed with how yummy fish is!”

    As usual (since you would be surprised at how often this happens to me) they all erupted in laughter while explaining to me what the word really meant.

    Mortified, I faced the waiter once again to explain to him that I used the wrong word.

    With what appeared to be a sigh of relief the waiter did his best not to spit on our food as he too erupted in laughter.

    You think that I would be consumed with shame, embarrassment, or feeling pretty stupid at this point, but instead I too was creaking jokes, laughing and making fun of myself for this insanely comical #word-fail. 😂😂😂

    Now, I can’t say this wasn’t always the case. In fact there was a time in my life when I was consumed with the fear of looking stupid.

    I seriously would become paralyzed with fear when it came to speaking, spelling or writing on a board and had killer avoiding tactics to evade these things. This fear, once present, would blank out my mind and cause me to forget how to say or spell seemingly easy words. 😱

    I was stuck and needed tools to break free!

    In reality, we all have strengths and weaknesses. It wasn’t until I embraced this fear, learned to get OVER myself and stop taking myself so seriously, when I too could laugh at the ridiculousness of my life.  😍😍

    In this week’s video I share with you 3-tips on how you too can start to overcome your paralyzing fear. Check it out!

    And if you’re ready to start conquering your mind then I have the perfect challenge for you! Starting July 1, 2017 we kick off our 21-Day Emotional Detox Challenge. Accountability, Action & Tons of Bonuses Included! In less than 10-minutes a day, you too can start to reclaim mental & emotional control! Reserve your seat now by clicking HERE

    Best dishes,

    XOXO – BK

    PS – HAHA! And Yes I know I said dishes. LOL! 😂

  • Top 3 Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes

    Good Morning Troops! I hope you had a fantastic 3-day weekend! I personally went camping which ended up being a whole lot of fun sprinkled with a dash of weird.

    I had so much fun connecting with new & old friends, enjoying the perfect weather, cooking on the fire, relaxing and exploring new areas. We giggled, laughed, ate and played games. It honestly was a perfect weekend, except for the dash of weird.

    Now I am sure many of you can relate to the difficulty that blending personalities can be. You never know who is going to get along with who, what special corks people might have and so on. Well, this creates the perfect storm of awkwardness and thus the weird was born into my weekend. 😬😬

    So how do you handle this? How do you handle a weekend where you still don’t know anyone’s honest opinions, whether or not anyone was offended or upset, or if you need to deploy damage control or not.

    Honestly I wish I had some magic words of my own for you this morning but instead I will borrow from someone’s genius; You can’t make people be or do what you want. All you can do is be unapologetic about what you want and let others show up however they can.” 🤔

    It was Gabrielle Bernstein who famously said these words and they have been echoing in my head all morning.

    No matter how much I desire for people to like me, or get along with me or each other, I cannot control an ounce of this. All I can do is be unapologetic about me and let them show up the best they can.

    I often say, we are all doing our best and sometimes our best stucks but it’s our best. I choose to love myself and others through where they are (doesn’t mean I have to be around them) but I can LOVE them nevertheless. 💖 And if they choose to show up differently then we can meet on a different playing ground and start again.

    There is so much truth in this quote. This is why I decided to dedicate this week’s video to honor her wisdom and sharing my top 3 Gabby quotes with you today. 💖💖💖💖

    I hope you find relief within one of these quotes as I did this morning and be sure to share with a friend who can use some love today!

    I wish you all the best in all that you do today and this week,

    XOXO – Bonnie Kelly

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  • When shit happens, how do you respond?

    How I ended up almost kissing a weed-whacker this morning.

    Well, this is going to be an unusual Mind Right Monday 😂. As most of you know, each week my team and I prepare a personal development video for you.

    Early Monday mornings my executive coordinator Cassie and I enjoy digital coffee together while preparing this inspiration, but this morning was different.

    Early this morning we got a text from our video editor saying our video wouldn’t be done until this evening… Oh crap, we thought! Our peeps expect morning inspiration, not afternoon.

    So quickly Cassie and I came up with an alternative plan. She would prepare everything on the back end while I went for a run in search of some last minute inspiration. 

    As I turned the last corner of my home stretch I noticed one of the cities yard crews carefully attending to the trees and bushes on the sidewalk.

    I honestly love the smell of freshly cut grass but had no idea I would be eating it in the moments to come. 🌾

    About a half a mile back I had decided that this week’s impromptu video was going to be about “When Shit Happens, How Do You Respond”. I had come up with about a dozen stories I could share and was eager to get home to type it out.

    As I approached the yard workers I failed to notice the change in elevation in the sidewalk, clipped my toe on edge and came tumbling (very dramatically) to the ground right in front of the workers!

    After narrowly missing the weed-whacker I lay there for a split second considering what just happened. I could feel my leg, hand and elbow burning with road rash. I could hear the cars honking and the yard workers giggling as they were coming to my aid.


    In this split second was my opportunity to react. I could be angry that people were laughing, embarrassed that this morning’s rush hour traffic just saw me eat concrete or sad that my body now hurt from the fall…

    How would you respond?

    In that fleeting moment, my mind decided to erupt in laughter from the irony of the situation. You see just before I left on my run I asked the universe to (and I quote) “Hit me with inspiration this morning”… HAHA!! 😂😂😂 I guess I should have been more specific.

    So here it is… Your Monday morning lesson inspired by my road rash, sore arm and embarrassing stumble. LOL

    Take a look and be sure to share this wisdom with a friend!

    Until Next week, Keep being awesome!

    XOXO Bonnie Kelly

  • Wheel Of Excuses! Putting an End To Your Toxic Game Show

    Welcome to the Wheel of Excuses! The show where your excuses block you from achieving your dreams, goals, and desires!

    In this episode watch to see where our contestant gets trapped by old limiting excuses. Maybe they will fall victim to the excuse of “Not being good enough!” or get stuck in the pit of being incapable. Who knows what will happen in this chilling episode but this is one you don’t want to miss!

    To make things extra difficult we added a new layer of limitations called “The tower of toxic excuses” 😱 where our contestants enter a cyclone of excuses such as “I’m weak, tired, stupid, unable, unwilling, too old, too fat, too small, too lazy” and many more! Watch and see how this week’s contestant barely escapes the Wheel of Excuses!

    Does this sound like the worst game show every! 😂 I totally agree, but there is some relevance in my playfulness here.

    Think about this, if our excuses were this obvious as our blocks and limitations we would have a much different attitude in overcoming them! We would take them on as a challenge we want to persevere through and win the prize on the other side!

    Think of all the game shows over the years similar to Fear Factor, Ninja Warrior, and that Naked and Afraid show where people have to overcome their greatest fears, dig deep to discover their hidden strengths all to win some epic prize or eternal glory! And they do it!

    If we start to think about all our personal limiting excuses like obstacles on a game show that you have to overcome to achieve your dreams, goals, and desires, I bet you would do it!

    You would dig deep, ignite your inner toughness and go all out to win that mega prize! So do it! Let’s put an end to this toxic game show of limiting excuses. Stop letting your fears, worries, doubts and insecurities block you from having the life you desire!

    Dig deep and find your inner warrior and win!

    In this week’s episode, I talk about the Wheel of Excuses and what gets us trapped in this vicious cycle and offer 💥 3 powerful tips to get out of it!

    Check it out by clicking the video below and be sure to 👍 share it with a friend who could use the laugh!

    And don’t forget! If you are ready to start putting an end to your excuses, then check out my 21-day Emotional Detox program and snag 7-days free by clicking HERE. In this program, you will learn to enhance your Mindfulness and Emotional Resilience, both a killer tools in the battle of the mind!

    Until Next week, keep being awesome!

    XOXO- Bonnie Kelly

  • How $50 and Wayne Dyer Changed My Life.

    I’m sure you understand this, but there are many things in many moments that can change our lives.

    Sometimes it’s a person, sometimes an experience, and sometimes it’s just a realization that can alter the course of our lives.

    For me, one of these life altering moments happened the day my father tried to give me $50. I’m sure in your head right now you are thinking what the heck?!?!

    But seriously, this is true story I am about to share with you.

    Many of you know my history. I lived a life filled with heartache, drugs, abuse, neglect and making my own way through life. This dysfunctional life started at a young age and I learned very early on that I had to rely on myself and not to take anything from anyone.

    Taking and borrowing things from others often came with a price. They would eventually want or expect something in exchange for their “generosity”. Now flash forward to when I was 21 years old,I had just moved to CA where I was introduced to my real father.

    He opened his doors to a desperate young woman who was consumed with fear, insecurities, and TONS of emotional baggage!

    I was determined to pay my own way, but within a few weeks quickly ran out of cash. I needed $10 to have enough gas to get me to-and-from work until my next paycheck, so I asked my father.

    He pulled out a $50 and handed it to me. “I don’t want $50” I explained, “Don’t you just have a $10 I can borrow?” Looking at the expression on my face he smiled and said no.

    Panic overcame me and I started to get defensive. “I can’t take this, here take it back” I said. He refused. “I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY!” I now screamed.

    He just smiled and now declared it was a gift. My old programming kicked in and I went into a full on meltdown over this.

    Only aware to my father in this moment, I had hit up against my worthiness issues. I didn’t feel worthy of accepting his money and feared what repercussions would follow if I dare did accepted it.

    Knowing this was an opportunity for growth, my father just stood there and held me through all the emotions. Rage, hurt, fear, sadness, you name it I was going through it.

    When the emotions started to subside, my father went into his office and returned with a book that was to forever change my life. It was called The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer and it opened a door that would be impossible to ever close again.

    This was a turning point in my life that has shaped me into the teacher and coach I am today. I often now see this same worthiness issue manifesting in my clients and now can smile right through it.

    My father & Wayne Dyer were both powerful teachers that fostered the change in me. That is why this week I am sharing with you 3 Wayne Dyer Quotes that are true words to live by.

    I hope you find peace within these words and joy on the other side. I wish you all the love and grace for your day and can’t wait to see you soon!

    Until then, keep being awesome!

    XOXO – Bonnie Kelly
    PS: Don’t forget!! The Emotional Revolution starts this week Thursday!! If you haven’t reserved your seat, now is the time!! Seriously! This is going to be one powerful event and might even be that turning event that changes everything for you.

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  1. Lety Espinoza

    Bonnie, just wanted to let you know I look forward to your Monday videos and love to make time for them no matter what I’m doing! Keep educating us on these very important topics so we can live a fulfilled life.

  2. RUTH S

    Cassie…thank you for sharing your grief. You were very brave to do so!!! Definitely shows your movement-forward through the process. Again, thank you!! :0) Both of y’all – have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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