• Feeling Worthy

     I was just about to leave my house the other morning when one of my contractors 👷 pulled me aside.

    We had done business with each other in the past and were very familiar with one another.

    “Can I ask you a personal question?” He asked – “Of course.”, I replied.

    “Is the life story you shared in your book & on your website true?” he asked.

    I smiled, nodded and proceeded to ask him why.  The next 45 – minutes brought tears to both our eyes as he asked me about my past, the struggles I’ve faced and the success I have created in my life.

    14-years, was my answer to, “how long has it taken you to get where you are now?”. With a shocked 😱 look on his face, he was in awe with the transformation I have made.

    I couldn’t help but be in awe myself when reflecting on what has changed in my life.

    All week this week, I have been struggling to feel worthy of the life I have created. With the fancy new house 🏡, car 🚗, and upgrades going into my house, I have felt uneasy imagining this being my life.

    14-years ago feels like a lifetime, but in the grand scheme of things… it’s just a bleep on the radar.

    Many years ago I made a decision to dedicate my life to help other people truly see what is possible when they take radical ownership of their lives (both inside and out) and I’m not the only one.


    64 years ago, another inspired women 👩 set out on a mission to raise awareness and peace ☮ in the world. She traveled from door to door spreading the message of consciousness and the power of your thoughts 💭.


    She wasn’t after fame and she wasn’t asking for money 💰, rather just a desire to see the world 🌎 change.


    Today she still presses forward with her mission. She serves as a beacon of hope in this dimly lit world and is the star ⭐️ of this week’s Mind Right Monday Episode.


    She inspires me and reminds me how truly blessed I am to have found the path out of suffering and what an honor it is to serve this world.

    Today I choose to feel worthy of the great things I have in my life.

    Today I choose to allow this sense of gratitude to overcome me.

    And Today I choose to be proud of the changes I’ve made and the life I created.

    I share this struggle in hopes that if you too often struggle with feeling worthy of joy, love 💖 or happiness you are not alone.

    Feeling worthy, feeling happy, and feeling grateful starts with a choice. What choice will you make today?
    If you or someone you know need help… If there is a will for more, reply to me and let’s find a way.

    You too deserve an epic life.
    XOXO -BK

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  • 4 Tips to Making Empowered Decisions

    It was just about this time of year, some 14 years ago, when I faced one of the hardest decisions of my life.

    Nothing in my life, up until this point, had gone my way. Each failed relationship, each failed job, and each disappointment 😞 seemed to push me over the edge.

    It had only been 8-months since I moved to California. I was working a dead end job cleaning dog kennels, and was madly in love 💕 with someone who I prayed 🙏 would be different from the last.

    For the first time in my life I was in a safe place to heal. I desperately wanted change in my life and deep in my soul knew more was possible.

    Though my life was much better than it ever had been before, the weight of my insecurities closed in around me 😩.

    Finding myself once again facing a dysfunctional relationship, lack of money and drama filled life, it was time to make a very difficult decision.

    I knew I needed help. I knew I was the one who, though didn’t ask for this newly found hardship, was the center cause of it.

    Year after year my situation would change, but I was still the common denominator.

    I had to ask for help.

    But this decision was hard. My pride, ego and victim / lack mindset stood in my way.

    Asking for help was like admitting there was something wrong with me or implying that it was my fault. Not to mention… asking for help was going to cost me money that I didn’t have.

    So, I faced it. One of the hardest decisions in my life.

    I didn’t have the money. I didn’t have the support. I didn’t have the resources. I didn’t know if it was going to work. And I didn’t know if I could afford the on going payment 💰 that came with it… but I said yes anyways.

    I said yes to me 🙌.

    And as you know… that brutally hard decision turned out to be the breaking point in my life.

    Are you facing this hard decision 🤷?

    Do you know you 100% need to do something different in your life? If the answer is YES! Then let’s talk.

    The Over It Academy is currently enrolling new students into our Fall semester and we have a spot with your name on it.

    To claim it, you too will be forced to make the same hard decision I did in the past.

    This decision will challenge you, but who knows… it might be just what you need.

    Look, exploring more is easy and 100% free so you have nothing to lose.


    Here’s what you do:

    Join me today at 12:30 PST to explore 🔎 more by going HERE.

    (Or) Click HERE and let’s talk 📞about your options 1 on 1.

    And in the meantime, check out this week’s Mind Right Monday on how to make empowered decisions!

    Until next time.

    Xoxo Bonnie Kelly

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  • How Your Past Affects Your Future

    I am sitting here getting ready to write you this empowering & uplifting email, yet my heart is heavy😢.


    As I am awaiting my flight back to Northern California, I hear the tragic news of Vegas. My heart is heavy, words are few and I can’t help but wonder WT-Fudge.


    As a people, we are in serious pain and as a result, we are causing each other serious pain.


    I just spent the past 3 days in San Diego, masterminding with 7 other beautiful women from around the world. We dove deep into our purpose & mission in this world 💖.


    As I shared my mission, I passionately expressed how imperative it is that the world has an Emotional Revolution and radically transforms our relationship with our feelings. We need to wake up to a better understanding of how our past experiences, pains and hurts are affecting our decisions today.


    Though I have NO idea why this coco-puff shot into an innocent group of people, I bet he was in dire need of an emotional transformation.


    This revolution requires ALL of us to come together and become Rebels for Joy 😄. To advocate and educate on the importance of ending NEEDLESS suffering since most people have NO idea that they are the cause of most of their own suffering.


    “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” -Buddha


    Today I shouting out to all of my light workers, people healers, world savers, hope believers, joy seekers and love makers in the world to rise together and send this world some LOVE 💖💖💖.


    We all are the care-bears of our generation and it is time for a MF’ing Care Bear Stare 🐻!


    Today I choose to spread love 💕. Today I choose to share joy😊. Today I choose to extend compassion even to those who haven’t earned it. Who’s with me?!


    What do you choose today?


    How do you choose to live?


    Who do you choose to be?


    If any part of you is ready to choose something different than what you have; if any part of you knows that you are needlessly suffering; if any part of you is ready to uncover your truest self, then I call upon you today to rise and stand with us within the revolution. And discover how you too can become a rebel for joy in a world full of suffering.


    If you are ready. If you are over the pain, the limitations, the hiding, the dimming, the mindlessness, the anger 😡, the hurt, and letting your past dictate your future, then call me… it’s time we talked.


    The Over It Academy is now open and your best life is calling. Choose to step into your power. Choose to be a force of change. And join us in bringing joy to this world that is full of suffering.


    I believe in you. You can do this. What are you waiting for?


    Click HERE to check-out the Over It Academy

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    Click HERE to see how you can stop letting your past affect your future.


    Until next week, I love you my friend and together we will change this world,

    XOXO – Bonnie Kelly

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  • The book of Joy

    Seriously, who doesn’t want more joy? I think as a society we all are desperately seeking more joy 😄 in our lives.

    It has been said that books with the word Joy and Happiness in them sell better than any other personal development book 📖 on the market.

    What does that tell you??

    We are starving for joy! And honestly, it’s understandable why.

    Over the years our ability to connect, relate and be in touch with our human brothers & sisters has drastically decreased due to social media. Why spend the money 💰 to visit your friends when you always know what they’re doing on the daily!?!

    But we are missing out. We are missing connection, fun, 😁 laughter and have gotten lost in our own personal lives where we tend to take ourselves too gosh darn serious 😒!

    We need more JOY and we need it now!

    That is why, when a client of mine recommended The Book Of Joy to me, I about fell out of my chair while listening to it.

    His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu came together to discuss this very topic and found there are 8 fundamental pillars to joy.

    While listing, I became overjoyed to discover that their 8 pillars happen to be the same corner points of my teaching!! I couldn’t believe it! No wonder my clients end up being so gosh darn happy!! 😍

    The book is a must listen for sure! I say listen because it is out of this world entertaining and enjoyable! The big takeaway that I want to be sure to point out is the importance of creating joy vs. waiting for joy to just happen.

    I think we often get lost in the expectation that joy is just going to happen vs. being purposeful about creating joy in all aspects of your life.

    So in today’s Mind Right Monday I will share with you the 8-pillars of Joy and encourage you too to inject more joy into your day-to-day life!

    Check it out! And if you need a little extra happy boost, then let’s talk! 📞 You know I have the tools and resources you have been looking for.

    Right now, you can snag 20-minutes free with me. 📞 That’s right! Book now by clicking HERE and let’s reclaim that joy you have been searching for!

    Until next time,

    Keep being awesome!

    💖 XOXO Bonnie Kelly

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    🖥 Class is starting soon, so don’t delay! You can check out the program details by going HERE and don’t hesitate to give my team a call M-F 9-5pm PST (916-468-4569) with questions… everyone on the other end of that phone is a graduate of this program & would be happy to answer questions and tell you how truly life changing this investment can be.

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  • Stop Being Boring & Put An End To Mediocrity

    “If you see children walking along the sidewalk after a rain, and there’s a puddle in front of them, what are they going to do when they get to that puddle?  They’re going to jump in!  They’re going to laugh, splash around, and have a good time.  What does an older person do?  Walk around it?  No, they won’t just walk around it – they’ll complain the whole time!  You want to live differently.  You want to live with a spring in your step, a smile on your face.  Why not make cheerfulness, outrageousness, playfulness a new priority for yourself?  Make feeling good your expectation.  You don’t have to have a reason to feel good – you’re alive; you can feel good for no reason at all!“ ~ Anthony Robbins

    I love this quote so much. It reminds me of a time my husband and I went out for a run, just after it rained. ☔ The ground was wet when we started our run. We left the house on not so great terms with an unresolved argument looming over both of us.

    After a few miles in, you could feel the emotions within each of us shift back to a harmonious space. As the love and understanding started to overcome me, a sense of playfulness emerged. 😏

    As we turned the last corner back towards our apartment, I hunched over, grabbed my leg and started screaming ouch!! 😫😫

    Knowing my husband would rush to my aid, I waited until he was almost to me to jump up and right into a MASSIVE mud puddle I was standing next too. 💦 Scattered with mud and water we both erupted in laughter as we continued to see who could get who muddier. 💦

    This ridiculous moment from our past is one we often talk about. 🕒 It gets brought up at dinner parties when meeting new friends and about every time we see a mud puddle.

    But why? Why is it so often remembered…

    In one word… Spontaneity. Tony calls this one of the 6-fundamental human needs.

    We desperately desire fun, excitement and joy in our lives! But, being human means that we get trapped in autopilot, in a routine, in a rutt.

    When this happens, sadness, disappointment, and depression emerge. All of which can be changed with 1-Spontaneous choice. 😍

    One joyful, playful decision that allows our inner-child to emerge and for just a brief moment puts our overly responsible, mature, do the right thing mindset at rest.

    🎥 This week, I dedicated my video to put an end to mediocrity. To encouraging spontaneity, playfulness & fun! Check it out & be sure to tag me in a facebook post capturing your spontaneous fun!

    Oh, and if you are looking for some spontaneous fun Join me this week at Journey to Joy Live! 🎟 This is your last chance to snag tickets to this life-changing event. Click HERE to grab yours. 🎟

    Until next week, HAVE FUN!

    XOXO – Bonnie Kelly

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  • 3 Tips To Moving Forward When Tragedy Strikes

    I had just graduated high school earlier that year. 🎓 It was early, as I just dropped my boyfriend off to adult education when I decided to swing by my parent’s house.

    I remember flipping through the channels at rapid speed looking for a song to jam out too, with no luck. Station after station was filled with what appeared at first glance to be noise, ads, talking and news. I wasn’t in the mood, so I clicked off the radio and turned on the Rage Against the Machine CD that happened to be in my player. 💿

    As I pulled into the driveway, I was relieved to see no one was home. This meant I could raid the pantry without a concern. Diving into my second bowl of cereal, I sat down to turn on the TV.

    📺 After clicking through about a dozen stations, it finally clicked… They were all playing the same footage.

    I froze; cereal dripping from my mouth as I watched in horror, as the 2nd plane smashed into the South Tower.

    I think we can all vividly remember where we were and what we were doing the moment this tragedy struck our country. As a nation, we watched in horror as our New York and Washington D.C. brothers and sisters fled for their lives.

    The hopelessness we felt in that moment turned to rage as the dust settled. For many who were directly affected by this tragedy, the loss was overwhelming.

    Now, 16 years later, we remember. We remember those who tragically lost theirs lives during that horrendous day, and those who lost their lives for more than a decade after avenging their deaths.

    Today, we honor you. We honor all who were lost, hurt and have sacrificed during and after this nation rattling event. 🛡

    In honor of 9/11 I decided to dedicate this Mind Right Monday to helping those left behind when tragedy strikes. Being the one who is left standing after the dust settles can be one of the hardest battles to fight.

    The shame, guilt, sadness, grief, anger, and fear can be paralyzing, but we must move forward. Regardless if it is the events of 9/11, the loss of a job, loved one, or home; we are reminded today that tragedy affects us all. And life marches on. Learning to move through the lingering emotions and discovering a path back to joy is essential.💖

    Check out this week’s video and let me know, where were you on 9/11? Your story matters, because you matter.

    If you are reading this and find yourself stuck, unable to move or feel paralyzed by something that has happened to you in your past, call me and let’s talk.

    With the right tools and support, you too can live the life you have always dreamed. Right now, you can snag 20-minutes free with me. (CLICK HERE) ☎️ Let’s explore why you are stuck and the right tools, programs, or techniques to get you unstuck.

    With all my love,

    XOXO – Bonnie Kelly
    PS: Have you been interested in attending Journey to Joy Life and are still on the fence? We have 5-discounted tickets we are offering out to people brave enough to ask for them. Simply call the office and Cassie can tell you all about it! 916-468-4569

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  • Get GRIT and get it done Mindset

    What does it mean to have a grit mindset?? Well, Grit is defined as: courage and resolve; strength of character.’

    We get asked often how to enhance your grit and so, this week, we decided to share with you some tips & tools 🔨🔧 to help you do just that!

    When facing 😞 hardship, change or adversity, adopting a grit mindset is just what the doctor ⚕ ordered, however, in most of these times, our mindset strays to the exact opposite.

    When faced with adversity in our lives, many of us tend to shrink and allow our fear 😱 to become our decision maker. We fall back into old patterns, habits and ramp up our avoidance and procrastination habits.

    Let me first start by saying, this is understandable.💖

    It is understandable why we allow our fear to drive us. When fear is present, it is because a threat is present, and thus our fear is there to protect us 🛡.

    The issue isn’t that fear is there, the issue is that we don’t reason with our fear and allow it to be unchallenged in the mind. When this happens our fear runs to extremes and causes a panic 😨 of the mind.

    This is where adopting a grit mindset will serve you well!! In this week’s video, I will share with you tips & tools on how to adopt a grit mindset (especially in tough times).

    I would also recommend that if you are anything like me to also get involved with some sort of endurance race🏃. One of my business coaches is a HUGE advocate for this and really encouraged me to train for a ½ marathon while I am revving up in my business.

    And guess what… IT HELPS!

    So, here I am (all sweaty) training with my husband & friend and harnessing my GRIT to get it done!File_000

    Happy Labor Day!

    XOXO – Bonnie Kelly

    PS: If you are ready to adopt a new mindset & new you, then check out what I have special for you today by clicking HERE. This is the LAST day for this epicness, so don’t delay.

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  • 3 Empowering Words

    I love learning new things. There is so much in this beautiful world that I don’t yet know and so many beautiful things that I am still longing to explore!

    I seriously love new things 💖💖💖.

    Personally, I think my favorite new things to explore is new destinations. 🌇 When I was younger in my early 20’s I began searching the world to find myself, and so I explored a lot.

    Unbeknownst to me, what I was desperate to find in my travels, resided deep inside of me, I fearlessly ventured out into the world traveling across the country.

    Over the years I have visited all but 10 US states 🇺🇸: OK, AR, MO, MT, WV, DE, MA, NH, ME, AK. (Look out states! You are on my list!)

    As a result, I developed an exploration itch that needs to be scratched from time to time. Whether it’s exploring a new town, coffee shop, trail, drive or airport, I love exploring.

    This week I decided to explore words. And more specifically, words with deeper meanings that are sure to inspire and uplift your soul.

    These words are taken from the Greek language (both modern & ancient) and have some profound meanings! So put on your explorer caps 👒 and check out this week’s video 🎥!

    Oh, and if you are really looking for an epic adventure, then you are going to want to check out my Sneak Peek page I created just for you. Click HERE to check it out and discover a special LIMITED TIME offer that you will never see again after this week.

    Keep up the epicness!

    XOXO – Bonnie Kelly

    PS: Seriously… You are going to want to check out this Sneak Peek page to view this limited time offer. It starts this Friday and will only last for the holiday weekend. AND there is only a limited number available. So check it out and Save the date.

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  • How to Make Conscious Connections

    Honestly, I don’t have time to be a good friend. Running 2 companies can be exhausting at times. I am constantly being bombarded with to-do’s and responsibilities, only to come home to a house filled with responsibilities and obligations.

    I invest so much of my time into being a bad-ass wife, boss, and human, that I honestly don’t have time to be a good friend, but I ALWAYS MAKE TIME.

    When life squeezes us, one of the first things we will allow to fall off is our friendships. We often think they will still be there when life settles down, or prioritize them towards the bottom of our list, but at what cost?

    Our friendships in the outside world are what brings us so much 💓 joy, 💓 love, 💓 happiness, and perspective! Without them, it can be easy to get lost in a mundane same-o-same-o lifestyle! YUCK!

    Now, you might be thinking “But Bonnie! I don’t have friendships that are enriching!” and my reply to you is, then you need to make space to create some.

    Making friends can be hard. I like to pride myself on being able to make friendships no matter where I go, but even I struggle from time to time. Just last year I had a HUGE friend LOW.

    My legacy friends were all busy and being that I moved 30-minutes away took a huge toll on the amount of time we spent together.

    The lack of friends wasn’t for a lack of trying because I was trying to find healthy friendships, but I keep falling short.

    I chose NOT to allow my heart to get discouraged and kept my focus on what I desired. I chose to be conscious in my connections and you know what happened… I made some AMAZING new friendships!


    And now that I have them… I still don’t have time, however, I ALWAYS make time.

    I hope, for those of you reading this, you can hear how important it is to create space in your busy life for creating healthy connections. This investment of your time and energy will enrich your life in so many ways if you let it. 😊😊😊

    During this week’s video, I share with you some ideas on how to make conscious connections and even how to start to evaluate your current connections as well.

    Make time. Create space. And get involved. Sometimes the best thing you can do is put yourself in the right environment to discover new friendships.

    👀 If you are looking for somewhere you can find conscious minded individuals, then look no further than the Journey To Joy Live 2-day event happening in Sept. Connect, Learn, Grow and Release in a safe enriching environment that is filled with AWESOME people just like you! 👀

    Be sure to watch the video and let us know what you think!

    We love hearing from you.

    Until next time, keep being awesome!

    XOXO Bonnie Kelly

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  • When Shit Happens

    Crap! I just emotionally vomited all over my fav shirt!

    I hate when this happens. You spend an hour getting ready, fixing your hair and ironing your shirt, only to spill something on yourself as you are heading out the door!

    Ugh! 😠😠

    This just happened to me the other day. My husband and I were passionately debating on the phone while I was rushing to get ready for a photo shoot I was doing that morning. With only about 10-minutes to spare, I rushed outside to water a few of my plants before the temperature boiled over 100 degrees that day.

    Unknown to me, my brand new nozzle broke and with a flood of fury, water shot everywhere, splattering mud all over my AWESOME white jeans!

    In a moment of frustration, I reacted! 😡

    “GOSH DANG IT!” I scream! “I got to go” were the last words my husband heard, as I hung up the phone and rushed upstairs to find a replacement outfit with only minutes now to spare.

    As I rushed off to my shoot, I could feel the tension in my body. The past few weeks had already been stressful and this morning really pushed me over the top.

    Knowing better, I should have leaned into one of my tools, but I forgot (yep, I’m human).

    As the photo shoot started, I struck a pose, smiled and tried to settle into the moment. About 15-minutes in, the photographer stopped the shoot, put the camera down and said “hun, can you take a breath? Your forehead is stressed and it shows.”

    I erupted in laughter!! 😂😂😂

    💨 Breathe Bonnie, just breathe! 💨 With this reminder, I took a short 10-minute break to practice some powerful tools to de-stress. Going back to the shoot my forehead was relaxed, my breathing calm and my smile genuine.

    It’s amazing what a difference practicing your tools can make. Wondering what tools I used? Then check out this week’s episode of Mind Right Monday to find out!

    With the right tools, skills, and insights, you DO have the power to transform any moment into one of joy. 🏆 It’s taken years of practice and though I’m not perfect, I do possess the ability to create the life I desire.

    If you are seeking solutions to do the same, then join me. Join me at my Live Event (Sept 22-23), join me in my year-long Over It Academy 🖥, join me during Coaching & Coffee , join me on FB Live 👍, or join me for 20-min Free with Me 📲!

    You decide.

    But do something.

    Doing nothing guarantees one thing… the same-o-same. Though doing something doesn’t guarantee success, it will guarantee a shift or change. And sometimes that’s all it takes to start an avalanche of good.

    Until next time, keep being awesome!

    XOXO – BK

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  1. Lety Espinoza

    Bonnie, just wanted to let you know I look forward to your Monday videos and love to make time for them no matter what I’m doing! Keep educating us on these very important topics so we can live a fulfilled life.

  2. RUTH S

    Cassie…thank you for sharing your grief. You were very brave to do so!!! Definitely shows your movement-forward through the process. Again, thank you!! :0) Both of y’all – have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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