What do Don Miguel Ruiz, WAYNE DYER and the Dalai Lama Have in Common?

The title of this email sounds like the start to a perfect joke. I wish I had some witty answer for you this morning, but I woke up sick today πŸ™ so my brain isn’t cooperating.

But in all seriousness, what do these 3 legendary speakers πŸ—£ & authors πŸ“– share in common?

Well, they all wrote personal dev booksπŸ“–. They all share a passion for helping others end their own personal suffering 😞, and they all champion πŸ† compassion.

They are leaders in the world of self-development and mindfulness and truly are some of the greatest of our times.

They share so much in common that if you guessed something else, you would also be right, but what I love about all three of these guys is there constant message for us to STOP TAKING THINGS SO PERSONAL!

Time after time, you can find literature from these men sharing how often we take situations and experience to heart and make them mean something about us, when it has nothing to do with us.

In this week’s episode, I will share 3 of my favorite quotes from these men and how by taking this advice to heart, you too can end needless suffering in your life.

Until next week, Keep it real!

Bonnie Kelly
PS: Did you know that stopping taking things so personal requires inner work on your part? Through mindfulness training, you too can put an end to this relentless cycle of the mind. Learn how by going to www.21DayEmotionalDetox.com and start taking action.

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One thought on “What do Don Miguel Ruiz, WAYNE DYER and the Dalai Lama Have in Common?

  1. Diane Miller

    This was so God given today. I was up early this morning reading some things on line to get some encouragement and to give some… the Book The Four Agreements came to mind. I found a blog where the author was making comments on his book. It was so wonderful. I was reading from about 7-8 ish. Then I went to check my email and I got your video. It was so cool! Take care and I hope you feel better. Thank you for what you do!! Cheers!
    With a Grateful Heart,

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