Wheel Of Excuses! Putting an End To Your Toxic Game Show

Welcome to the Wheel of Excuses! The show where your excuses block you from achieving your dreams, goals, and desires!

In this episode watch to see where our contestant gets trapped by old limiting excuses. Maybe they will fall victim to the excuse of “Not being good enough!” or get stuck in the pit of being incapable. Who knows what will happen in this chilling episode but this is one you don’t want to miss!

To make things extra difficult we added a new layer of limitations called “The tower of toxic excuses” 😱 where our contestants enter a cyclone of excuses such as “I’m weak, tired, stupid, unable, unwilling, too old, too fat, too small, too lazy” and many more! Watch and see how this week’s contestant barely escapes the Wheel of Excuses!

Does this sound like the worst game show every! 😂 I totally agree, but there is some relevance in my playfulness here.

Think about this, if our excuses were this obvious as our blocks and limitations we would have a much different attitude in overcoming them! We would take them on as a challenge we want to persevere through and win the prize on the other side!

Think of all the game shows over the years similar to Fear Factor, Ninja Warrior, and that Naked and Afraid show where people have to overcome their greatest fears, dig deep to discover their hidden strengths all to win some epic prize or eternal glory! And they do it!

If we start to think about all our personal limiting excuses like obstacles on a game show that you have to overcome to achieve your dreams, goals, and desires, I bet you would do it!

You would dig deep, ignite your inner toughness and go all out to win that mega prize! So do it! Let’s put an end to this toxic game show of limiting excuses. Stop letting your fears, worries, doubts and insecurities block you from having the life you desire!

Dig deep and find your inner warrior and win!

In this week’s episode, I talk about the Wheel of Excuses and what gets us trapped in this vicious cycle and offer 💥 3 powerful tips to get out of it!

Check it out by clicking the video below and be sure to 👍 share it with a friend who could use the laugh!

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Until Next week, keep being awesome!

XOXO- Bonnie Kelly