When shit happens, how do you respond?

How I ended up almost kissing a weed-whacker this morning.

Well, this is going to be an unusual Mind Right Monday 😂. As most of you know, each week my team and I prepare a personal development video for you.

Early Monday mornings my executive coordinator Cassie and I enjoy digital coffee together while preparing this inspiration, but this morning was different.

Early this morning we got a text from our video editor saying our video wouldn’t be done until this evening… Oh crap, we thought! Our peeps expect morning inspiration, not afternoon.

So quickly Cassie and I came up with an alternative plan. She would prepare everything on the back end while I went for a run in search of some last minute inspiration. 

As I turned the last corner of my home stretch I noticed one of the cities yard crews carefully attending to the trees and bushes on the sidewalk.

I honestly love the smell of freshly cut grass but had no idea I would be eating it in the moments to come. 🌾

About a half a mile back I had decided that this week’s impromptu video was going to be about “When Shit Happens, How Do You Respond”. I had come up with about a dozen stories I could share and was eager to get home to type it out.

As I approached the yard workers I failed to notice the change in elevation in the sidewalk, clipped my toe on edge and came tumbling (very dramatically) to the ground right in front of the workers!

After narrowly missing the weed-whacker I lay there for a split second considering what just happened. I could feel my leg, hand and elbow burning with road rash. I could hear the cars honking and the yard workers giggling as they were coming to my aid.


In this split second was my opportunity to react. I could be angry that people were laughing, embarrassed that this morning’s rush hour traffic just saw me eat concrete or sad that my body now hurt from the fall…

How would you respond?

In that fleeting moment, my mind decided to erupt in laughter from the irony of the situation. You see just before I left on my run I asked the universe to (and I quote) “Hit me with inspiration this morning”… HAHA!! 😂😂😂 I guess I should have been more specific.

So here it is… Your Monday morning lesson inspired by my road rash, sore arm and embarrassing stumble. LOL

Take a look and be sure to share this wisdom with a friend!

Until Next week, Keep being awesome!

XOXO Bonnie Kelly