When Shit Happens

Crap! I just emotionally vomited all over my fav shirt!

I hate when this happens. You spend an hour getting ready, fixing your hair and ironing your shirt, only to spill something on yourself as you are heading out the door!

Ugh! 😠😠

This just happened to me the other day. My husband and I were passionately debating on the phone while I was rushing to get ready for a photo shoot I was doing that morning. With only about 10-minutes to spare, I rushed outside to water a few of my plants before the temperature boiled over 100 degrees that day.

Unknown to me, my brand new nozzle broke and with a flood of fury, water shot everywhere, splattering mud all over my AWESOME white jeans!

In a moment of frustration, I reacted! 😡

“GOSH DANG IT!” I scream! “I got to go” were the last words my husband heard, as I hung up the phone and rushed upstairs to find a replacement outfit with only minutes now to spare.

As I rushed off to my shoot, I could feel the tension in my body. The past few weeks had already been stressful and this morning really pushed me over the top.

Knowing better, I should have leaned into one of my tools, but I forgot (yep, I’m human).

As the photo shoot started, I struck a pose, smiled and tried to settle into the moment. About 15-minutes in, the photographer stopped the shoot, put the camera down and said “hun, can you take a breath? Your forehead is stressed and it shows.”

I erupted in laughter!! 😂😂😂

💨 Breathe Bonnie, just breathe! 💨 With this reminder, I took a short 10-minute break to practice some powerful tools to de-stress. Going back to the shoot my forehead was relaxed, my breathing calm and my smile genuine.

It’s amazing what a difference practicing your tools can make. Wondering what tools I used? Then check out this week’s episode of Mind Right Monday to find out!

With the right tools, skills, and insights, you DO have the power to transform any moment into one of joy. 🏆 It’s taken years of practice and though I’m not perfect, I do possess the ability to create the life I desire.

If you are seeking solutions to do the same, then join me. Join me at my Live Event (Sept 22-23), join me in my year-long Over It Academy 🖥, join me during Coaching & Coffee , join me on FB Live 👍, or join me for 20-min Free with Me 📲!

You decide.

But do something.

Doing nothing guarantees one thing… the same-o-same. Though doing something doesn’t guarantee success, it will guarantee a shift or change. And sometimes that’s all it takes to start an avalanche of good.

Until next time, keep being awesome!


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