Why Can’t I Get Over It and What To Do

Haha!! You are going to love the Trooper photo-bomb in this week’s video! Over the years my videos have been invaded by my cat Olive, little dog Bella, but today, Trooper (my big dog) makes his grand unveiling! Oh, the struggles of a real life entrepreneur. LOL

In all seriousness, this week I am talking about why you can’t just get over it. We all have experienced something painful in our life that seems to plague us for years. Maybe it was the betrayal of a friend, abandonment, neglect, abuse, a bad divorce, a nasty break-up or humiliating experience. Whatever it is, if this experience still haunts you, then this video is for you!

I remember, not too many years ago, how difficult it was to get over this guy who broke up with me. I played it off like it was no big thing, but my heart was obsessed over it. I was devastated. I felt like he was ‘the one that got away’ and it haunted me.

I found myself comparing everyone to him, withholding my love from new relationships, and unwilling to be vulnerable again. My mind came up with thousands of altering timelines filled with “should’a – could’a – would’a” scenarios. From the outside, it looked like I had moved on, but on the inside, I had anything but.

So why couldn’t I get over it?! Why was I trapped in a mental prison over this guy, who in retrospect wasn’t my ideal match?! Well, it boiled down to a few reasons. #1 because he had ‘abandoned me’ and #2 because my brain hadn’t concluded our story yet.

Let me explain: As you know from my story, abandonment was something I had experienced a lot of as a child and was something I was very sensitive too. Up until this point, unbeknownst to me, I had never let anyone close enough to me to abandon me. I was always the one who left relationships before I became to invested… except for this time. He left me before I had a chance to come up with reasons to push him away and thus he triggered my old abandonment wounds.

This sparked all kinds of unprocessed emotional garbage; loop them all together, and it kept me stuck in an emotional prison. Sound familiar? Yeah, yuck! Old shit, causing new shit. But that’s how it works.

So what did I do to “get over it?” Well, lots of things that all accumulated to lots of self-work. Yep, I had to do a tremendous amount of work on my old-shit so that it stopped causing new shit. “I’ve already worked on my shit” you say. I get this! And trust me I do, but I’m going to be the bearer of “bad” news; if you haven’t gotten over it, there is still more work to do.

In reality, we ALL still have work to do, no matter what stage you are at in your life. And the more you do, the better you get at it and eventually self-work is something you grow to LOVE and deeply appreciate. Want to learn how to make this your truth? CLICK HERE, reply to this email or schedule 20-Min FREE with ME by going HERE and let’s talk about making this a reality for you!

Wishing You All The Best,

With an open heart,


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