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If your organization is in need of an emotional revolution, then look no further! BK & Associates offers a wide range of trainings and live seminars that are sure to spark a happy virus company wide. It is within these trainings where we can help transform the attitudes, culture, and performance of your organization by increasing awareness in Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Bonnie Kelly Increasing awareness and the practice of emotional intelligence company-wide plays a major role in improving the work experience and output. These tools improve employees’ abilities to process and deal with tough emotions and reduce stress in their work environments, as well as their personal lives.

The tools that we teach in our virtual trainings and seminars are designed to help individuals articulate, understand, and cope with tough emotional situations in healthier ways. With better tools, come healthier results, less burnout, less sick days, less friction, higher morale and more productive work.  Statistics also show that leaders with high levels of EI teams are not only more productive, but also more invested in the quality of work being completed. If your company is need of an emotional shift, contact us today and lets talk about your options!

Whether it is in one of our virtual “Lunch & Learns”, or live seminars; we create a fun, interactive environment that challenges your organization to shift their perspective, call out assumptions, and release the limiting beliefs that act like a virus in the work environment. Our seminars and trainings not only uplift company morale, but also train employees how to better communicate, react, and interact with each other. Studies have shown that companies that have high levels of emotional intelligence have better employee retention, reduction in employee stress and sick days, less HR claims, and are more productive overall. If your company is interested, call us today and lets get started!


Becoming Emotionally Intelligent Will Help You...

Take Emotional Responsibility
Stop Taking Things Personal
Better Manage Emotions
Become Less Reactive
Challenge Assumptions
Boost Self-Confidence
Manage Stress
Increase Joy

What is Emotional Intelligence & why does my organization need it?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify and assess your emotions and the emotions of those around you, and use this information to guide your thinking and behavior.  Simply, its understanding what you are feeling, why you are feeling it, and how your feelings affect those around you and your overall performance.

Think of it like this, every workforce consists of emotional beings, living and operating in a very unemotional world. They are forced to ignore, hide, or dismiss emotion’s for the sake of “keeping the peace”. Now imagine every time these emotions are dismissed, pressure builds leading to resentment, overwhelm, stress and even situations that are much much worse. All of which can be avoided through Emotional Intelligence training, where organizations can adopt new tools to strengthen emotional resilience. Here at BK & Associates we aim to help you address problems before they actually become problems.

In addition to this problem, leaders with a lack of emotional intelligence bonnie kelly tend to be demanding, suffer from a lack social awareness, and typically communicate through fear-based tactics (“get it done or you’re fired” attitude) and don’t inspire a lot of trust amongst individuals within the organization. This leadership style may “get the job done” but at what cost? A lack of emotional intelligence will create a disconnect that stretches from lower level staffers all the way up to top level executives and result in higher turnover rates and a true lack of workforce satisfaction.

Here’s the kicker, not only will increasing your emotional intelligence help reduce the impact of stress and overwhelm at work, it starts a ripple effect that will extend all the way home. Happier employees = Higher Performance.

According to an article posted on Harvard Business Review “Groups are most creative when their members collaborate unreservedly. People stop holding back when there is mutual trust, rooted in emotionally intelligent interactions.” If your team, leaders, or organization lacks emotional intelligence, then it is safe to assume a huge lack of trust also exists. Learning to enhance your organizations emotional intelligence will open the door to honest, constructive conversation that generates the buy-in your company needs to be successful.

It is essential to understand that emotions are the driving force behind many of your actions and reactions. Without this insight, even seemingly successful relationships are always on the edge of failure. By increasing emotional awareness, your organization has the opportunity to strengthen company culture, develop conflict management skills, and increase workforce satisfaction company-wide.

Developing emotional intelligence skills does not need to be complicated. In fact, here at BK & Associates we have found the exact opposite to be true. We have developed a fun, fast, and effective way for organizations, teams, and leaders to strengthen their emotional intelligence through interactive trainings! Feel free to check out our services page, explore options and contact us today for your free HR Booklet!

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Welcome to BK & Associates, your home for emotional intelligence training!

Here organizations can find training resources to increase their emotional intelligence and create an interactive experience for their team that will be talked about for years to come! We have custom programs to fit your organization’s needs. Increasing emotional intelligence and resilience in the workplace can have a lasting, transformative impact on your organization. Whether it is our “Lunch and Learns”, seminars, workshops, or coaching, Bonnie Kelly & Associates are here to help!

If your company is struggling with:

  • Overwhelmed employees
  • High turnover rate
  • High HR claims
  • Stressful work environments
  • Lack of conflict resolution
  • Clock-punching attitudes

Much of these issues are largely due to an overall lack in Emotional Intelligence (EI). Fortune 500 companies that are looking for a competitive edge for their workforce are embracing the importance of Emotional Intelligence, recognizing its impact on employee retention, satisfaction, and also as a driver of high performance. These leading companies are seeking out top notch coaches BK and Associates; with thousands of hours of experience who specialize in Emotional Intelligence; to uplift company culture and satisfaction both at work and at home.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a skill that can be learned by anyone! In fact, it is safe to assume that most of your top performers have higher levels of EI. Research shows that the top 90% of top performers score a high level of emotional intelligence. Here at Bk & Associates we understand that these skills utilized by your top performers is trainable and can be made available to your entire organization.

Call Us today and we will be happy to send you a copy of our HR workbook!  We are here to answer any and all your questions, no matter how big or small, so please do not hesitate to reach out to our team! (916)-468-4569

Virtual Lunch & Learns

Here your organization has the opportunity to choose from a wide-range of topics that are sure to fit any of your company needs! Topics such as: Conflict Resolution, Interact vs. React, Habit Buster, Advanced Emotional Intelligence and much more, you are sure to find what you are looking for. These 50 minute “virtual trainings” can be mixed and matched to fit your specific company needs and have NO limits as to how many can be on the calls!! This program is highly sought after and offers affordable solutions with impactful results. You can download our HR booklet today to explore topics and then call, email or text me to talk about how we can get started right away!

1/2 Day Training

Begin to raise your company’s Emotional Intelligence through this 3 hour intro workshop! Here your organization will learn emotional intelligence basics and why emotional awareness is essential for success! These 1/2 Day workshops include a comprehensive workbook, an introduction to Emotional Intelligence and 3 hours of interactive training.

1 Full Day Training

Need something more extensive? Then check out this full day workshop option! Here your organization will not only receive an in-depth introduction to Emotional Intelligence and comprehensive workbook, they will receive 6 full hours of interactive training, and tools to increase emotional awareness and resilience both at work and home!

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