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Imagine no longer feeling unworthy.

Imagine knowing who you are is good enough.

Imagine living a life you design.

Imagine waking up feeling whole, perfect & complete.

Imagine a life where both consciously and subconsciously you embodied confidence, purpose, and passion.

Here's Your Chance!

Introducing the OVER IT Academy!

OVER IT Academy is designed to help people just like you who are, well, get over it!

Over the insecurities. Over the limiting beliefs. Over the emotional baggage, reactiveness, being out of alignment, defensiveness, toxic relationships, bad habits, poor decisions. Over the cycle of self-sabotage that infects all aspects of their life.

If this is you, then join the thousands of students who have transformed their lives. You deserve greatness. You deserve self-love, acceptance and confidence. You deserve joy! Join us and learn how.

Are you just OVER IT?

Are you tired of empty promises of change? Books, programs, therapy, hypnotherapy, week long retreats, and online trainings; you’ve tried it and still find yourself in this endless cycle of self-sabotage? I get it – I too was completely lost and looking for answers for years on my own personal journey.

I tried EVERYTHING in a desperate plea for help. I spent years searching,  ten’s of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours looking for solutions. I thought for sure something must be wrong with me or that I must be too broken to heal since program after program, I would still revert backward. I was just OVER IT! 

It wasn’t a lack of trying or that the programs weren’t helping, because to some degree they were, but what ALL of them were missing was the complete package. With each workshop, class, retreat or seminar I attended, I gathered pieces to a larger puzzle. I didn’t know this at the time, and boy would that insight have saved me tons of grief, but you don’t know what you don’t know. It wasn’t until I started to dig deep into my subconscious mind and faced the “I’m not good enough” monster that lurked in the shadows, where I finally found the change I was looking for.

As the years progressed and my healing started taking root, I knew there had to be a better way. I then turned my attention to taking my decade worth of learning in a new direction, helping others. I went back through everything I learned over the years and distilled the information down. I asked myself what would be a more effective way to learn this so that I could strengthen and deepen the teachings. I studied the top researchers, coaches, and leaders in neuroscience and subconscious reprogramming to learn the most recent and effective tools to unhinder our lives. And after many years of refining, tuning, and teaching, I created the most comprehensive personal transformation product to ever hit the market. I created my OVER IT program.

I Was Over It!


“I feel like I walked out from under a dark cloud – Without Bonnie, I’d still be there.”

“Bonnie has helped me, my business, and my relationships grow. A year ago, I thought I wasn’t worthy of love. I had broken relationships with multiple family members, and felt like I had reached a breaking point with stress, and bottled up emotion. With Bonnie’s coaching, I have found love for myself and now have outstanding relationships with my whole family.

Bonnie was my wake up call. She helped wake me from being an innocent bystander in my life so that I can now take action and have that which I desire. Through her life coaching, I have gained a wonderful partner to share life’s joys with, a growing business, and a feeling of blessing everyday.

Bonnie’s coaching has opened up a new world for me – one of love, compassion, and deeper understand of myself. I feel like I walked out from under a dark cloud – without Bonnie, I would still be there.

As a business professional, I highly recommend the Energy Leadership that Bonnie offers. I can now pinpoint areas of improvement for my management style.”
-Jesi Lee

“Bonnie changed my life!”

“Through her coaching, I gained incredible insight to my thoughts and feelings and allowed me to overcome the biggest obstacle in my life, myself. I highly recommend Bonnie to anyone who’s ready to take charge of their life and unleash their full potential!”
– Jon Robins

If you are anything like me, desperate for solutions and you are truly committed to changing the way you think, act, react and feel, then this is the program for you!

Whether you are looking to transform your belief system, crush toxic habits, soar past your limitations, or master emotional intelligence, this is the opportunity you have been looking for. This in-depth 1-year intensive is designed to tackle your personal blocks and struggles through weekly trainings, serious homework and a clear path towards change. It’s time to get to the root of your issue which resides deep within your subconscious belief system and remove any defective programming that limits your maximum potential. Sound intense? It is! But if you are looking for fast, effective, laser focused results, then this program is for you.

If you are tired of feeling worthless, not good enough, being haunted by your past or sick of being stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage (whether it’s with your weight, relationships, finances or work), then It’s time to get to the root of your issue. The truth is much of why you are suffering isn’t your fault! Your brain was infected with defective programming that limits your maximum potential.

I often say it isn’t your fault but if you desire a great life, then it is your responsibility to get it (even when you were the victim!) And trust me, I know how infuriating this is! But… no one is going to do this work for you. If you want an epic life, you have to do what it takes to have it and believe me, you are more than capable of achieving this (with the right guidance of course!)

Let me be honest, this program is intense and you will walk out of it completely transformed if you do the work. But it isn’t for people who only think they want to change or have the mindset that ‘change would be nice’. It is for people who are OVER IT and are ready to live the life they deserve, because life’s too short to live miserably!

If this is you, then join me and the thousands of others who have made the commitment to transform their lives. Give us a call and talk to one of my team members. They all have been there, done that and graduated from my program. You can ask them for yourself and see what they have to say! Call or Text anytime M-F 9-5pm PST (916)-468-4569 or email us at to schedule an appointment.

I Was Over It!


Bonnie Kelly will lead you on your journey to joy!

My 13 year-long marriage ending was the straw that almost broke the very strong woman I am. My whole life I’ve been so  very strong and pushed away all of the hurt, trauma, and abuse I lived through. That was the way I knew to keep on. I pushed and pushed, and achieved and achieved. When my marriage ended I knew I had to handle this deep hurt differently so that I didn’t relive over and over the same relationship problems. I had to do it for me, for my peace, happiness, and sanity! But what really drove me was that I had to do it for my 2 girls.

To break the generational curse. I sought out a life coach to guide me through. There are many good ones, but Bonnie was the ONE! I knew she was the one because she had walked my road ahead of me and figured out how to dive in deep and heal the big traumas. I’ve spent the past year working with Bonnie and can say I’ve gone from inner agony, so much pain and suffering, to inner peace and happiness. I now really love myself, when before I was my worst critic. Honestly, I look back now and can’t believe how mean and harsh I was to myself. I am the role model I want (and need) to be to raise amazing strong loving compassionate girls. Bonnie is a loving and very talented woman. She will guide you, teach you, and accompany you on your journey to joy. Thank you Bonnie, you are a true gift to the world. XO, Devona

“Worth Every Penny!”

“Working this past year with Bonnie Kelly has been incredible and worth every penny. This year has flown by and I have learned so much regarding how I truly feel and am. I have a number of tools that I have learned to ensure that my life is so much more filled with joy. I wished I had found BK earlier! It has made such a difference in my life. I am much happier and when things get rough, I know how to turn them around to work for me and not against me! Don’t let anything prevent you from fulfilling your potential because your potential is awesome!!”
– Maggie

Is This For Me?

Well, that requires for you to be 100% honest with yourself. As I mentioned, this program is intense and isn’t for people who aren’t fully committed to transforming their lives. If you aren’t to a point where you are completely OVER IT, then this might not be the program for you. I only work with people who are willing to invest all of themselves into achieving emotional freedom!

Start by asking yourself the following questions honestly…

Do you constantly worry about what others think of you or your decisions?

Are you afraid that people will find out who you really are?

Do you lack confidence at work, in relationships, social settings, or with your own self-worth?

Is your inner voice trapped and desperate to come out?

Do you often wonder why you keep repeating the same destructive patterns?

Do you feel trapped by the pains of your yesterday and unable to enjoy today?

Is unforgiving and lacking healthy boundaries imprisoning you?

Does investing in yourself freak you the fudge out?!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this program isn’t something you can afford to pass up. You need this, and honestly, you know it! I’m not here to convince you of something you already know. I am only here to provide you with a solution to the problem.

I get how difficult it is to take the plunge and invest in yourself… especially when we are talking about a whole year, but you have to ask yourself what are you sacrificing by not? Another year of suffering? Another year of “I will do this later” or “I can do this on my own”. Another year of living a mediocre life? NO THANK YOU! You deserve better than that and I know this program will show you the way!

We have helped thousands of people just like you transform in ways that they couldn’t originally imagine. This 1 little year out of decades will be the best thing you have EVER made for yourself and if you do the work, I promise, you won’t regret it!

I Was Over It!


“Bonnie’s Program Provides The Solutions…”

“Life is filled with opportunities to grow and make strides to create what you really want, but sometimes the path is not clear, we feel blocked, or we feel we can’t do it alone. Bonnie Kelly’s program provides the solutions that allow you to become the best person you can be and create the life you have been hoping for. All done with compassion, insights, structured materials, videos, skillful exercises, and a contagious enthusiasm that will carry you through the tough times and celebrate you in your victories!” – Anne Masri

“I am so grateful for you.”

“You were so meant to do this work, words cannot express how much you calm me down, reset, and help me to move forward just by hearing your voice or reading your words. The way you help guide me in the right direction, without judgement, and without criticism, has been phenomenal for my healing process. Another thing, I want to be sure to tell you, is that every time I talk to you, it is apparent that you are 100% present and that you 100% care about my journey and about helping me. Thank you so much for your support and your help during this difficult time in my life. I adore you Bonnie!” -Dawn Noel


Here's The Thing About This Program...

It's Empowering.
It's Unmatched.
It's All Encompassing.
And It's All You Will Need to Change Your Life.

This program isn’t like anything else on the market. Why? Well, because it was designed by someone who has been there and done that. I’m not like any coach you have ever met. I have struggled with self-hatred, worthlessness, homelessness, hopelessness, depression, addiction, sexual trauma, abuse, neglect, and so much more. I have lived a life filled with a tremendous amount of suffering! Much of which wasn’t my fault, however, I had to do something different. So after almost a decade of personal development work, thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours, I finally had enough pieces to the puzzle to change my life and now yours.

It took work and lots of it! Just like it will take time, effort and dedication on your part. But this program was built by someone who knows what it is like to be in your shoes. I get the pain you are feeling and many of the struggles you have had. This is what makes this program so unique and in-depth!

I Was Over It!


“Bonnie is simply…amazing”

“Bonnie is very insightful and effective. I was feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with difficult emotions. I’d read articles, talked with friends, and even been to two licensed therapists. Only Bonnie was able to cut to the core of my problem, to reframe my thinking, and give me the tools to deal with my emotions. Bonnie is simply…amazing.” – Daniel R.

“I seemed to be at the end of a road and needed guidance.”

“There comes a point in people’s lives where they feel “stuck”. As I was approaching a new stage or chapter of my life I seemed to be at the end of a road and needed guidance.

Bonnie skills and techniques as a life coach, was able to help me guide myself into the direction of my new career path of which I am so passionate about. She led me to gain insight and realization of my own thoughts and beliefs to help me better and quicker achieve each step toward fulfilling each goal and dream that lay before me.
Bonnie coached me to where I could better guide myself on my new career path and journey.” -Chelsey Bartels


This program is designed to leave no stone unturned when it comes to unraveling the mind. Our goal is to help you achieve permanent transformation. No more temporary quick fixes, rather real lasting change. We aim to arm you with all the skills, tools and techniques to handle whatever life throws your way with ease.

And That's Just What This Progam Is Designed To Do.

Helping you become fiercely self-reliant is my #1 priority. I’m not like other coaches who want to hook you in and keep you dependent on me for your emotional health. HECK NO! Codependence went out of style a long time ago and thought you might be still operating on that defective programming, my goal is to help you break that cycle.

Now, don’t get me wrong, once you are a part of the BK Family, you are our friend 4-Life! And we’re not like the dysfunctional families that many of us are familiar with, we actually take care of our own. That means, even after you graduate, we are always here for you every step of the way. Because in reality, we can give you all the skills, tools, and techniques in the world, but even the masters have blind spots and sometimes life has a funny way of knocking you on your knees. But I assure you, these days will be few and far between and your “knock-downs” won’t end in “a knock-out!”

In This 1-Year Intensive You Will Learn:

Here's What You Will Learn:

Become Emotionally Intelligent
Consciously Creation The Life You Desire
Reclaim Emotional Control and Challenge Assumptions
Enhance Your Self-Awareness & Social-Awareness
Master Thyself - Deeply Know What You Do and Why
Boost Your Confidence and Feel Prepared To Handle Whatever Life Throws Your Way
Become Less Reactive & More Emotionally Interactive
Embrace Your Self-Worth & Self-Esteem
Acquire Clarity of Heart & Mind
Master The Art of Forgiveness & Learn Healthy Boundaries

Each month throughout this program is dedicated to mastering a new skill and new level of inner awareness. We teach you how your brain is working against you, how to reprogram your belief systems, embody emotional intelligence, and challenge assumptions. You will learn how to consciously act, react, and interact vs. emotionally reacting.

You will learn to enhance your emotional intelligence, empower your choice and voice, how to untangle the subconscious mind, learn the art of real forgiveness, healthy boundaries and so so much more.

Each month throughout this program is dedicated to mastering a new skill and new level of inner awareness. We teach you how your brain is working against you, how to reprogram your belief systems, embody emotional intelligence, challenge assumptions and so much more.

When I say this program is all-inclusive, I mean it. Our goal is to help you deeply understand why you do what you do and spoil the unpleasant surprise party your toxic programs have in store for you. The more you know you, the better you are equipt to not get so triggered or subconscious sabotage yourself. We will detangle all the old programming that unintentionally was installed in your mind when you were young. You will have the opportunity to examine all aspect of yourself and truly ask “Does thinking, feeling, or believing this way truly serve my higher good.” If it does, we keep it. If it doesn’t I give you the tools and know how to replace it.

Class Starts June 2019.
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I Was Over It!


“Her Experience Showed Me The Way.”

“This first month of exploring and exposing our Negative Core Belief has really been a challenge. At first I really didn’t want to take this course because I knew that we were going to go digging around old emotional scars. However, Bonnie’s direct and authentic message, combined with the experience of struggling through similar or worse emotions herself helped me do the work required to confront my own.” -Edward Hemming

“Delightfully Simple and Fun!”

“We search for purpose and meaning. Some of us search an entire lifetime. At the end of my first one-hour session with Bonnie, there was an instant clarity that aligned me with my sense of meaning and purpose in a way that I had never before experienced in my 12 years of yoga, meditation, and personal development. She gently guided me to connect to the core of myself and from there many things simply fell into place with no effort. Resolutions that previously eluded me were crystal clear. To top it off, it was delightfully simple and fun! I’m so excited to keep working with Bonnie. I can see that it’s going to change my life!!” – Aleta Sage


This Program Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know To End Needless Suffering.

What You Get Inside Our Academy

As soon as school is in session you will get instant access...

- Access to Our Private Facebook Community. This group is filled with like-minded people just like you who are committed to living their best life!

- Login To The Online Academy where you will have access to the first week's video & assignment.

- You will also receive instructions on how to schedule your FREE 20-Minute Session with a BK Certifed Coach!

36 - Video Lesson's with Homework!

In addition to your live trainings, 3-weeks out of every month, you will receive a new video lesson with corresponding homework.

This is where change truly starts to take root. It is during this self-reflective work that you will allow you the opportunity to truly know thyself. Here you will uncover, release, and replace blocks at a core level so that your new-self has a chance to become your true-self.

Over 200 Pages Of Worksheets!

For real change to stick, we have to transform on many different levels. Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually. The OVER IT Academy will help you step onto the right path mentally and emotionally. We believe that if you get your mind right, everything else will fall into place because most of our needless suffering starts and stops with our minds. Change the way what you believe, how you think, feel, act and react and you can set yourself free.

To accomplish this requires work. And more than just changing your thoughts. You have to untangle the old self, the old story, and the old way of doing things. By untangling this through deep exploration you can understand its deepest purpose and THEN decide if it serves you or not. With over 200 pages of worksheets, you will have all the tools you need to really discover your truth on so many levels.

Take a Look Inside Each Month...

Each Month Has a Theme.

Even though you will have 3-videos a month to work on, and each brings you different and deeper insights, each month has a theme. The goal with this program is to leave no stone unturned in the mind. No toxic program left undetected, and no historical stories left unchallenged. From Mastering the Art of Forgiveness to Flexing Your Mindfulness Muscles, to Untangling the Subconscious Mind, this course has everything you need to unravel and transform the mind… IF – you are willing to commit to the work!

Month One: Laying The Foundation

During this first month, we will set the foundation for your success. With clarity and evaluation we can clearly lay out a path to your vision. Here we will also begin to understand the fundamentals of the mind, explore self-doubt and limiting beliefs. It is also during this month where you will begin to flex your mindfulness muscles to strengthen the mind!

Month Two: Mastering The Mind Monster

Oh, that darn monster of the mind. Always present, criticizing, making assumptions, silent expectations and unrealistic judgments of ourselves and others. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a better understanding of why this monster is so powerful and how to change his tune? Well, that’s just what you get to do in month number two!

Month Three: Thought Tornado of Destruction

During month number three we start the exploration into how our perceptions are so distorted and how our conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions are participating in our suffering. With over 60,000 thoughts running through our heads a day it is impossible to track them all, but with the right training, you can become hyper alert to which ones are causing destruction in your life.

Month Four: Exploring Emotional Intelligence

This is where the fun really begins! Adding onto everything you have already learned we become to explore the depths of emotional intelligence. Here you will examine what beliefs and thoughts that limit you and your success. This month will challenge you to release old ways of thinking and being to pave the way for your new self to start taking form.

Month Five: Shifting Perception & Belief Mapping

This month is where we begin to take things to a deeper level with beginning to map out our belief systems and shift our perceptions. Your perception shapes how you see yourself, the world and the people in it and if at any point your brain adopted defective programming, then it is sabotaging your happiness and fulfillment. During this month we also begin to take a look at the generational belief maps and explore what toxic programming has been handed down from generation to generation with your family.

Month Six: Dismantling Negative Core Beliefs

Now it’s time to unravel the subconscious mind! After months of getting out of your way, flexing your mindfulness muscles and enhancing your emotional intelligence, now we dive deep into the depths of the subconscious. Here I give you the skills and tools to begin untangling your old programming that lurks in the backgrounds sabotaging your best efforts. This month will challenge you and this is where your accountability pod will be your greatest allies.

Month Seven: Transforming Your Neuroplasticity

Action, action, action! This month is all about action. For all the work you did to take root we must apply practical application to our real time life habits. Here you will be asked to adopt an NLP technique that will help change the neurocircuitry of the mind and begin building a fortress to protect it! At this point, there are NO MORE EXCUSES! You have the tools and now we being to master the ping-pong match of the mind.

Month Eight: Mastering The Art of Forgiveness

Let’s face it, forgiving isn’t sexy, nor is it easy, but without it, you will continue to be a prisoner of your mind. In Buddhism they have a saying “Holding onto Anger is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die.” When we lack the proper forgiveness skills, we are stuck to drink poison day after day. During month eight we aim to put an end to this old dynamic and give you a way out.

In Month Eight to help you fully master the art of forgiveness, I am including my 6-part LIVE forgiveness video series. During this live training, you will listen and learn how to adopt a healthy forgiveness practice. This added bonus is the icing on the cake for your forgiveness training and will help you reach new levels of awareness, compassion, and acceptance.

Month Nine: Releasing Expectations & Healthy Boundaries

This is one of my favorite months. During month number nine we begin to examine and transform our unspoken expectations. There is an old saying that “Expectations are the root to most heartache.” There is so much truth in these words and in this month we show you how to change this. Along with expectations, we will spend some real quality time on learning how to establish healthy boundaries. For most of us, this is something we have struggled with, but with all the skills, insights and tools you have learned, this new venture will come with a bit more ease!

Month Ten: Conscious Reprograming

Wahoo! After nine months of hard work, it is finally time to consciously reprogram the mind! Month number ten will come with some relief because now the primary focus is on who you desire to be. By this point you are free of most of your limitations, feeling confident and strong. This is prime time to shift our attention on to consciously creating the life, beliefs, and programmings you have longed for.

Month Eleven: Conquering Fear & Self-Compassion

It is time to fall in love with yourself, life and your new higher vision. This month of self-compassion is where we explore our deepest desires and our lost inner-voice. Here you are encouraged to honor yourself and learn how to advocate for your needs, use your voice and embrace YOUR AWESOME! By this stage, you have learned many tools, acquired a deep understanding of self and thus beginning to take responsibility for your destiny. Imagine waking up every morning KNOWING who you are is good enough. KNOWING that you deeply and completely love and accept yourself, or simply KNOWING that you matter. This is what month eleven is all about.

Month Twelve: Changing The Game Of Life

Well, this is it. The final chapter of our journey. This moment is always so bittersweet. Bitter that it is coming to an end, but so sweet to see how much you have transformed. In this final month, we prepare you for the next steps. Here we ask you to call yourself to the mat and challenge any aspect of yourself that you have not let go of. It is during this final chapter that it is our goal to make sure you have what you need to succeed. Books, Tools, Suggestions, Elevations, Rewriting our Stories, and Changing How We Play The Game Of Life is how we help you ensure all you have learned sticks moving forward.

Affirmations, Meditations, & Visualizations

This program is designed to tackle the brains old programming on a multitude of different levels. This requires us to try a combination a different affirmation, NLP, meditation, visualization and other techniques. These exercises will help you physically restructure the neurocircuitry of the brain, allowing you to consciously install better programming. If this sounds a bit over your head, I totally understand but don’t worry! By the end of your year-long program you with be a neuro-pro!

Every month is filled with different techniques that take 10-min or less to help you get your mind right! And here is the best part, we keep adding more! That’s right, our clients are often requesting specific affirmations, meditations, visualizations, and demonstration videos, so as we make them, we share them!

24 - Live Trainings w/ Bonnie Kelly!

This add’s SO MUCH Value to this academy! Two times a month you are invited to jump on a 60-Minute Live Training with Bonnie Kelly herself! She is the mastermind who has desigened, built, and mastered the skills you will be learning throughout this course.

During these calls she will answer questions that you sent in, teach you practical steps on how to implement the lessons even further and many times LIVE coach her students. This means multiple times a month you get a chance to ‘raise your hand’ and have Bonnie help tackle your blocks!

Weekly Group Accountability

Let’s face it, we all need accountability. It is what allows us to stay committed, on track, and on time. Life has a tricky way of getting in the way of our personal transformation, especially when you are fully engaged for an entire year. This is why we have added an extra layer of assurance to help you successfully reach the finish line!

Upon the start of your course, you will be assigned to a small group which will serve as your peer accountability pod. This pod will quickly become like your family. Here your group will have specific instructions on how to successfully hold one other accountable throughout this course. This added layer is just what you will need to feel supported and inspired and keep the momentum moving throughout the year!

Copy of My Best Selling Book

To put the icing on the cake, just after signing up you will receive a copy of my best-selling book True To Your Core, Unlocking The Subconscious Beliefs That Wreak Havoc on Your Life. This is just what you need to kick-start your training. Here you will acquire the insight, and understanding of what’s in store throughout your program.

Take your own journey of self-deliverance through Bonnie Kelly’s inspiring story of victim-to-victory. Using her personal story, Bonnie will guide you in an exploration of your subconscious mind. With each chapter, another layer of Bonnie’s story helps you uncover toxic subconscious viruses from your past that sabotage your success and happiness. The tools and exercises she shares will help you install anti-virus software for the mind so you can create the life you desire.

I Was Over It!

“Bonnie Literally Saved My Life!”

Bonnie was the perfect partner to help me realize my true potential and to shine a guiding light into the dark areas that held me back. My life has positively changed forever and I cannot thank her enough.

It is impossible for me to express in words the extraordinary transformation in my life that occurred by working with Bonnie, but I will say I now have another date I will celebrate as the birth of the NEW me and the NEW me…is AWESOME.

The most concrete validation of who Bonnie helped me become was the overwhelming appreciation from others around me as to the changes they saw. This was proof not just my perception changed, but also how I showed up at work and at home. Everyone in my world thanks you Bonnie!

I feel more alive and certain about my future than I ever have and I know I am better prepared to succeed and be happy with my life than I even was before thanks to the support, guidance, insight and tools Bonnie brought to my journey.

If I knew the impact Bonnie’s coaching would have on my life and how great I feel, I would have sought her out years ago and paid 10 times as much. There is no price I can put on the value of working with Bonnie to become a better me. Thank you from my whole heart.

Bonnie literally saved my life. Before working with her I put little value on my reason for being here, but working with Bonnie transformed who I am and helped me see things I overlooked my entire life and because of this new life I am more valuable to myself and everyone around me. – Alan Smith

“This Series Is Phenomenal!”

“…this seminar series is phenomenal. …your seminar helped me move past something I was stuck on for 20 years.” Actual Quote’s taken from Thank you Letter – Neil Brakefield


This Program Will Teach You How To Start Living The Life You Have Always Dreamed.

Help At Every Turn!

My team is here for you every step of the way.

My office is open M-F 9-5pm PST for you to call, email or text your questions or tech issues. We all get locked out, forget our passwords, misread, or don’t understand things. So my team is here for you to help with all the bumps and bruises along your journey.

In addition, if you are anything like me and need someone to hold you accountable, push you, and call you on your shit, then you might want to consider our add a coach option. During your year-long program, if you find yourself avoiding, not doing the work, or not showing up, well then you NEED a coach and my team is ready, willing and trained to take you on. We have multiple options that are sure to help you no matter what level of additional support you may need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time Does This Course Require Of Me?

Well, that depends on you and how much work you have previously done. If you are newer to personal development work, than it might take you longer than people who have already dedicated years of their lives to understanding themselves.

On average you will need to plan a few hours every week for the first 3 weeks of every month. I would suggest 1-2 hours for video lessons and homework and then 1-hour for your training calls during those first 3 weeks of each month. The 4th week of every month is our “catch-up” week, and is designed to help you get caught up with that month’s work before we move on!

In addition to your weekly homework sessions and training calls, however, you will be assigned 10-minute daily exercises that we encourage you to take advantage of! These micro exercises are where the real work is done neurologically! This is a habit we want to ensure sticks even after you graduate this program.

What If I Can't Make a Live Training?

Don’t sweat! They are recorded and uploaded to your private Facebook community within 24-hours of the completed live training. This way you can access them day or night, rewatch, relisten, and learn all that you can.

How Do I Get Access to My Weekly Trainings & Calls?

All in due time my friend. What I mean is we will send you all the information you will need in your opening email package that will arrive via email within 7-14 days prior to your start date. Within this email you will receive your training schedule, call in information and your username and password for your online portal.

That’s right, you will have an online portal for all your lessons, homework, videos, affirmations etc. ALL housed in one convenient location and time released so not to overwhelm or distract you with too many things. Each week you will get an email reminding you that your next lesson is live, you can then login to your online academy and there will be every previous lesson you have already watched along with the next lesson available. These lessons are there for you to watch over and over again to ensure you learn everything you feel you need to before moving on.

How Long Do I Have Access To My Weekly Lessons?

As long as you like. Each lesson is time released according to the scheduled program, however after you graduation your login access remains available to you for as long as the internet allows.

This means you can go back and repeat specific lessons and homework that you feel you need to go deeper on, or when life throws you a curve ball. Our goal is to help you live your best life and that means we want to be here to support you with all the ups and downs.

How Much Support Do I Get During This Program?

In my opinion… tons. You will have constant email reminders reminding you of when, where, and how to login. You will have weekly check-in’s with your accountability team. You have the anytime support of your Facebook community. You have a kick-starter strategy call with a coach.

You have 12 Live Q&A calls and 24 Live Training calls with me where I teach and laser coach people just like you. You have the option to add-on a coach at any time during this course. And you can call, text or email our office M-F 9-5pm PST. And you also have the option to attend any of my LIVE events! You will constantly have the ability to connect and receive support if you are tapped in and using what is available.

When Are The Live Training Calls Scheduled For?

Typically the trainings are scheduled on the same time each week to keep it simple and easy (unless our scheduled date falls on a holiday at which point we will notify you in advance of the schedule change.) This way you will know exactly what to do and when. We usually schedule all live trainings on Monday late morning or early afternoons PST. An email will be sent out with complete schedule details 7-14 days prior to your course launch date.

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Bonnie is a passion speaker, author, and coach who has dedicated her life to ending needless suffering. After struggling through over a decade of worthlessness, self-hatred, abandonment, sexual trauma, abuse, eating disorder, and addiction, she knows what it’s like to be miserable. Through years of searching, thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours, she discovered and developed a way to help people end the unnecessary heartache and pain that seems to relentlessly plague our lives.

Her teachings have helped thousands of people just like you transform their lives and finally start living the lives they deserve filled with confidence and joy. Her methodologies are both inspiring and obtainable. Working on a strong belief that it’s not your fault why you are suffering but it is your responsibility to do something about it, she has a gift for helping people learn the life skills they need to being both emotionally intelligent and emotionally resilient.

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“Through working with Bonnie…I was able to free myself from medication.”

“I was on medication for my struggle with depression & anxiety. Through working with Bonnie, I learned to have compassion for myself, and because of the new skills she taught me, I was able to FREE myself from medication. I feel strong. I feel thankful. I couldn’t have done it without you, Bonnie!  You INSPIRE me!!!  Thank you!”   ~Darcy J.

“These tools are very effective in working through issues!”

“I was introduced to Bonnie when a dear friend sent me to her Emotional Resilience weekend. I was inspired by her story, her energy and the content of the program. Working with Bonnie took my growth to the next level. I had been working with a therapist for about a year and although we had good conversations and our sessions provided me with some insight, it was limited. A big difference with Bonnie was with tools and guidance in using the tools that she provides. These tools are very effective in really working through issues and gaining a better understanding of yourself. While working one-on-one with Bonnie, she pushed me to seek out the answers that were already inside me when I wasn’t able to push myself which contributed significantly to my growth. During our coaching sessions, in addition to working through the prior week‘s assignment and the next week’s homework, she also introduced me to outside resources that were very applicable to my current areas of concern or next area of growth. These resources provided me with additional knowledge and skills to continue my growth. Being introduced to Bonnie has been a true blessing in my life and I will be forever grateful.” – Carrie S.