``Helping You Get Out Of Your Way & On With Your Life.``

Bonnie Kelly is the founder of Bonnie Kelly & Associates; Author of True to Your Core; Personal Development Expert & Speaker; and Mastermind Behind the MindFu Academy.

When it comes to suffering, Bonnie Kelly has “been there and done that.” She understands the cycle of self-sabotage because she’s lived it and conquered it. With no one but herself but herself to lean on, Bonnie overcame a childhood characterized by physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. However, that’s not enough to satisfy her vision for an epic life.

She’s on a mission to give the world an emotional revolution. With so much negativity and pain in the world, it can be hard for anyone to break their own cycles. After all, much of our response to pain is a learned response, as we grow up watching the suffering of those around us.

How does she plan to spark this revolution? Bonnie wants to give people the tools they need to turn negative conditioning into opportunities, thereby living a better and more positive life. SHe seeks to help 100-million people end their needless suffering y helping them get to the root cause and transform their thinkings.

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Understanding The Why of Self-Sabotage

Bonnie helps our audience recognize what self-sabotage looks and feels like. From procrastination to self-criticism, she guides them in understanding why they are stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and, most importantly, how to break free.

Get Out Of Your Way

Root. Release. Resolve. These three steps help your audience identify self-limiting beliefs and how to rewrite them. with these skills, audience members have the tools they need to turn their limitations into opportunities for growth instead of getting stuck in the failure-trap. in doing so, they’ll learn to get out of their way and start living the life they deserve.

Pain is inevitable in life, but suffering is our choice. Too many people are unconsciously suffering because of their limiting thought patterns. These patterns control their choices and blocks them from living the life they deserve and desire.

Even the most successful and well-rounded leaders can self-sabotage with limiting beliefs they don’t realize they have. But with a little bit fo work exposing and changing these negative core beliefs can radically transform their lives, succes and happiness.

Bonnie Kelly shows you how poin doesn’t have to define you but can be used to refine you into a better, stronger, more confident version of you. It can lead to strength and power just as much as it can lead to suffering. With the right mindset, you can tip the scales to transform these self-limiting behaviors to opportunities.

As a speaker, Bonnie walks audiences throgh an emotional revoution, stripping away the fear, doubt and insecurities that leads to self-sabotage by teaching the emotional intelligence skills necessary to run limitations into strength.

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Bonnie has already brought her message to several stages as well as the Amazon bestsellers list. She’s shared her strategies with companies like Vanir Construction, Union Pacific, SLO County Probations, Genentech, Envision Healthcare, Brandman University, Benicia Unified School District, California Nurses Association and many more. She’s also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), an iPEC Certified Professional Coach and Energy Index Leadership Master Practitioner. But for all that, Bonnie takes the most pride in her personal journey from victim to victory.

When she’s not waging war against suffering, Bonnie is outside biking, hiking, and backpacking. She can also be found hanging out by the pool, throwing a barbeque or glamping with friends.

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If you are looking for a dynamic, high-energy conversation that is filled with conscious, life-altering insight, then Bonnie Kelly is just the guest you are looking for.

Bonnie has a knack for taking the conversation deep while still offering practical tools so your listeners are consumed with value. Speaking from personal experience, Bonnie is not an ordinary coach. She is a true testament of transformation and has been-there, overcame-that. Her story is not only inspiring but an encouraging image what is possible.

Feel free to listen for yourself! Click any of the images below and hear a few extraordinary examples of why Bonnie is your ideal next guest!

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With years of experiences speaking to large audiences, radio / podcast interviews, and working behind a camera, she has the personality and professionalism you are looking for. When it comes to simplifying the processes of the mind, you won’t find a more personal, fun, and energetic person to dazzle your audience.

Whether it is a professional gathering, businesses related, self-help driven, inspiring, or motivational talk, Bonnie is quick on her feet and can effortlessly help your group understand the power of the mind.

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