• Stop Dwelling on the Negative

    Do you believe enough?

    📙I was reading a book this morning that shared a story about the actor Jim Carey. When he first started his career as an actor he was broke and living out of a van.

    Despite these outward obstacles he had a deep inner belief that he was going to be successful. So he wrote himself a check for $10 Million dollar 💰dated 3-years in the future for acting services rendered and put it in his wallet.

    He carried it around with him for years until in year 3 he signed a contract to do a movie you might know called Dumb and Dumber 🎩🐶. Jim was overjoyed when he received a check for acting services rendered in the amount of $10 Million dollars 💰.

    The lesson: If you believe, you will receive.

    This isn’t a new concept, in-fact we hear it time-after-time again. But just because we understand something doesn’t mean we’ve mastered the art of using it.

    So what stands in our way?

    🤔🤔The simplest answer… it’s what you believe.

    ❓❓The more complex questions are, what do you believe, why do you believe it, how deeply rooted is this belief and how does it negatively impact what you achieve and receive?

    ✅✅The solution, unroot the answers to the questions above, release any and all beliefs, memories and stories that hinder you and get deeply resolved with the conscious decision of who you are and what you want.

    Need help with this? Who doesn’t!

    Well let’s talk! Open enrollment for this years Over It Academy has started and you can snag 📅20-minutes free with me!

    Together we will explore these questions, teach you the tools to transform and align your inner desires to match what you wish in the outer!

    Space and time are limited:

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    Talk to you soon!!

    💖💖XOXO BK

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  • How to Create a More Fulfilling Life

    What do you want? 🤔🤔


    Seriously… what do you want? 🤔When’s the last time you sat with that question.

    It’s a hard one.

    It’s hard because the question ask you what you want… not what do you want for your family 👪, or children, or what others want for you. Rather, it’s a deep inquiry into what you desire.

    Your first response might be ‘a new house, car, more money, etc’ but that isn’t the question I am posing. 🙌

    Those are things you want, and though goals and ambitions are important to have it’s not deep enough. Once you have those things, now what? Do you keep adding to the never ending list of desires outside of you or do you take a deeper look for something more.

    Striped away all outside things and influences ask yourself this question again;

    What do you want? 🤔

    For many of you the answer might be happiness, fulfillment, joy, or inner peace 💖. This is more in alignment with what we are searching for!

    You see, once we can get to the source of what you truly desire , we can begin to find ways to feel these NOW without having them be dependent on what you have, where you go or accomplish.

    Life changing perspective shift 👓.

    To help you along check out this week’s episode of Mind Right Monday where I share with you how you can start living a more fulfilling life (TODAY).

    Until next time, keep being awesome!

    💕XOXO – BK

  • 3 Tips to Renew Your Mental-Emotional Head-space

    ✨✨Renew… now, today, right this second! ✨✨

    Renew: To give fresh life or strength too.

    Do your thoughts and feelings need to be renewed ? Do you need to give fresh life 🌱 to your toxic thinking or strength to your fears, insecurities and self-doubt.

    If so, lets give you a booster shot 💥right now, right this second 🕒!

    Simply click the link below to watch this week’s episode of Mind Right Monday 🎥where I share 3-tips to renewing your mental & emotional state!

    Until next time, keep being awesome!

    💖XOXO Bonnie Kelly

  • 3 Tips to Boost Your Self Esteem

    Why you struggle with Self-esteem

    Morning friend! I often get asked this question, “why do I struggle with my self-esteem?” so I figured I would dedicated this week’s email and Mind Right Monday episode 🎬to helping you better understand 💡.

    I want to first start off by saying that it’s understandable why you struggle 👎. The truth, you’re not alone. Most won’t admit it but almost everyone you have contact with struggles with their self-esteem to some degree 🌡️.

    We struggle because our world 🌏, society, culture and friends tell us we need to struggle. Yep, we have been conditioned to struggle, to never feel enough, to feel less than or unworthy.

    It wasn’t intentional, in fact people just don’t know any better and often have the good intention of “protecting you” or themselves 🚧.

    But this unconscious and unintentional behavior has lead us to this place where no matter how hard we try we just can’t seem to feel like it or we are enough. 👎👎

    It’s time 🕒for change! It’s time to remove the barriers between our conditioned beliefs and our self-esteem. To end the constant onslaught 🌊of negative, self-critical, judgments we hold upon ourselves and learn a better way.

    To help you do that this week, check out this week’s video 🎬!

    And until next time, keep being awesome!

    💖XOXO Bonnie Kelly

  • Healthy Boundaries At Work

    Boundaries at WORK. 🚧

    Boundaries are one of the hardest things for most of us to get our minds around. 💭We expect that others should just know better and even think they are consciously doing it on purpose.

    The truth is, boundaries are based on your personal values 😃; and values can differ from person to person.

    For example, you might value being on time 🕒 as a top priority at work 💼. You might value it so much that you would rather arrive to the meeting on time unprepared rather than risk being late.

    But maybe there is someone on your team that doesn’t share this same value. Maybe they value being prepared 📝over being on time and thus often show up late to the meeting.

    You see their lateness and judge them, they see your unpreparedness and judge you… Let the conflict begin!

    Learning to master the art of boundaries requires you to also master the art of compromise. Taking into consideration others needs, wants and desires as well as your own to create a win-win 🏁 boundary you both can succeed with is the name of the game.

    Does this take more time… YES. Does it require you to step away from your judgments… YES. Is it really worth the extra effort… HECK YEAH!

    To help you master the Art of Boundaries check out this week’s episode 🎥of Mind Right Monday where I share 3-tips to helping you set boundaries at work.

    Until next time, keep being awesome!
    💖XOXO – BK

  • How to Stop Sabotaging Your Dreams

    Are you Sabotaging your dreams? 🏖🏖

    Good morning friend, and Happy Monday!

    Have you noticed how much time I’ve dedicated to this topic of self-sabotage lately? I promise it’s for a good reason.

    Earlier this year  📅I worked with some copywriters to help articulate exactly what it is that I do to help my students live a better life

    A simple question that is so much more complicated than it seems. 🤔My initial response was; I help people transform from the inside out by getting out of their way. ‘TO VAGUE’ I was told.🙃

    Fine, I help people change their subconscious programming to help them create a life by design vs default. Once again their response was This is too vague’.🙃

    Okay, I help people increase their emotional intelligence so they become less reactive and more emotionally interactive.  Still not specific enough I was told.🙃

    “At the very core, tying these things together, what is it that I help people accomplish? What are they struggling with?” They asked… My answer: Self-Sabotage.😀

    Honestly, I help people end the cycle of self-sabotage by training them on my simple 3-step Revive Formula. Eureka! That’s it! 🎉

    You see, the formula is where we get to the root 🌳of the issue, release 🕊trapped beliefs, thoughts and emotions, and then resolve 🏆the old self while consciously creating the new.

    This formula teaches people HOW to reprogram the subconscious, increase their emotional intelligence, consciously create a life by design, get out of their way and transform their entire life from the inside out!

    The whole time I was telling you HOW I did things without ever telling you what I can do for you. Thank goodness for people who specialize in these teachings.

    So, here it is. A another video in my serious of self-sabotage videos designed to help you END THE CYCLE once and for all. Check it out and let me know what you think!

    💖XOXO – BK

  • Stop Sabotaging Your Finances

    End Financial Self-Sabotage. 💸💸

    Oh yes my friend… we are talking about money today 💰! Our finances (or lack thereof) can be a 🔥hot-button item for most of us.

    With so much of our worth, identities, value, and image tied up with money, it is easy to see how so many of us can get triggered.

    But growth requires honesty.

    We need to stop hiding from 🙈, avoiding 🙉and/or ignoring 🙊our financial situations (ESPECIALLY if they are less than ideal).

    Only when we get honest with ourselves can we invoke change. Remember, where you are doesn’t have to be where you go, unless you do nothing.

    But doing something requires honesty.

    Yes, I know, I am laying on the honesty point pretty thick right now, but with good reason.

    This week’s episode of MInd Right Monday 🎬is about 💸Ending Financial Self-Sabotage 💸… and guess what that means… A REAL HARD look in the mirror.

    😇A look into how we are participating in the cycle of lack mentally, emotionally or habitually. Doing so allows us to provoke REAL change that can shift your financial situation once and for all!

    So check it out and let me know what you think! I love hearing from you!

    Until next time, keep being awesome


  • Eliminate Shame

    You should be ashamed of yourself!!! ⛔⛔

    How many of us have heard that statement a time or two in our lives??

    Other people’s unmet expectations ending with a on slot of shamming 🙅. NO FUN and in many cases unwarranted.

    Yet shame is used all around us. We shame our children into doing the right thing, we shame our friends for hurting our feelings our failing us, we shame our spouses into doing what we want and the list goes on and on. 🙈🙈

    We use shame as a ‘motivating tool’, yet has it EVER positively worked??

    Yes, maybe it will change the behavior in the short term but in the long run it ends in resentment, regret and disapproval.👎👎


    A better way of communicating our needs, wants and desires. A better way of communicating our disapproval or dissatisfaction with something. A better way of motivating one another.

    SHAME IS considered to be the MOST DESTRUCTIVE EMOTION a human can harbor. Most destructive!!

    So let’s put an end to the should filled shames and start learning a better way. 😃😃

    To help you start your journey, check out this week’s episode of Mind Right Monday to learn how to Overcome Shame.

    Until next time, keep being awesome!

    XOXO – BK

  • How To Set Better Boundaries With Family

    👪Oh family… the people we treasure the most, the ones who drive us crazy the most and the ones who can inflict more emotional damage then anyone else.

    For most of us, we have functional families that are fueled with dysfunctional tendencies! 👎👎

    So we invest in ourselves; our personal growth to change how we think, feel and interact with our family members thinking this ‘will solve the problem’, not realizing we are only part of the equation 😤.

    YES-YES, you do need to work on transforming how you think, feel and respond to them, but you also need to master the artful skill of lovingly standing up for your needs, wants and desires 👍.

    Do you like how I threw the lovingly in there! 😂😂

    This might seem impossible but it’s TOTALLY DOABLE!! In fact, learning how to master the art of boundaries is a powerful skill that will serve you in ALL relationships! It’s a must! 🏆

    If you are reading this and already know this is a skill you HAVE to master, I have 3 options for you.

    #1: Check out this week’s Mind Right Monday Video to start the process Link: (10-minutes)

    #2: Check out the replay of our Master Class Series Class: Boundaries & How to Have a functional relationship with Dysfunctional people. Link: (2-hours)
    #3: Invest in learning how to master this skill!! Link: (6+hours + $97)

    Believe it or not, asserting the boundary is the last step (out of 6) 🤔in mastering the art of boundaries. You first need to do the inner work to change the way you think, feel and respond and thus your journey begins with Forgiveness.

    Maybe not what you were looking to hear and just what you need to do. 💗You can get access right now to over 6-hours of training and workbook materials to start this journey to day. Simply CLICK HERE, Use coupon code: FORGIVE97 and snag it for just $97.

    Until next time, keep being awesome

    XOXO – BK

  • Win the War for Your Worth 💪!

    Why is your worth in question? 🙅

    I don’t care what the internet 🖥tells you, we all struggle with insecurities. Sometimes they can be a poke in the side, others a paralyzing force, crippling our best intentions.

    But why is it that during these insecure moments, our worth comes into play?

    Why is it that because our parents were incapable of loving, supporting or nurturing us that our worth goes under fire🔥?

    Why is it when we fail at something, make a mistake or do something embarrassing our worth comes into question?!?

    It just isn’t fair 😡!

    Yet, we do this to ourselves over and over again 😏. We question our value and worth with the slightest of mistakes and… this needs to change.

    The things that happen to us, through us or for us do not need to define your worth. WE GET TO DECIDE WHAT MAKES US WORTHY!! ✌✌

    The truth is, we are the definer, the storyteller, the decider of what makes us worthy or not and the NOT is fueled by lies.

    So… 🚫Let’s stop lying to ourselves and start writing a new definition that validates our divine truth; that we ARE WORTHY! 🕊

    To help you accomplish this, check out this week’s Episode of our Mind Right Monday 🎥 to learn how to: Win the War For Your Worth!

    Until next time, keep being awesome!

    XOXO – BK

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  1. Lety Espinoza

    Bonnie, just wanted to let you know I look forward to your Monday videos and love to make time for them no matter what I’m doing! Keep educating us on these very important topics so we can live a fulfilled life.

  2. RUTH S

    Cassie…thank you for sharing your grief. You were very brave to do so!!! Definitely shows your movement-forward through the process. Again, thank you!! :0) Both of y’all – have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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