Break Through Your Procrastination Habits w These 4 Tips!

Do you have the Procrastination bug? 🐌



Do you struggle with the procrastination bug 🐌?! Honestly, we all do every now and then, but to what extent totally depends on the tools you have.

If you struggle with procrastination and know you don’t have the right tools 🛠, then you have to check out this week’s Mind Right Monday Video 🎥 where I share my 3-Steps to ending this cycle!

Don’t continue to let this bug 🐛 invade your actions and block you from the success you deserve! Check it out and be sure to let me know of any additional tips, tools and techniques you use to get moving when the bug 🐞 strikes!

Until next time, Keep being awesome!


End the Cycle of Sabotage Within Your Relationships

Boy this is a hot ticket 🔥item that can often trigger peoples defensive mechanisms!

In-fact I think this is the #1 hardest subject that we often cover within my coaching practice… and it’s absolutely NECESSARY!

If you are struggling in your current (or past) relationships 👫then this video is for you! The relationship could be intimate, platonic, family, coworkers or friends and the advice will be the same.

First, let me start by saying how much I understand how difficult people can be at times. How insensitive, rude, disrespectful, abusive and dysfunctional humans can be. I want to acknowledge this so that you know this struggle isn’t entirely your fault 🤗!

And, even if the other person is 99% at fault for the stress, dysfunction or drama, we need to look at and own our participation in it.

😤Did i trigger you there??

I hope not, however, keep reading.

Being emotionally intelligent 🤔requires a shift in perspective out of blame and into the mindset of “what do I need to own here?”.

This one question is the KEY 🔑to ending self-sabotage in relationships!

What are you responsible for? Where are you participating in the struggle? What limiting thoughts, feeling and beliefs do you have that are contributing to this struggle? Where do you need to own your distant, reactive, closed off, or passive behavior??

Learning to own your part (even the 1%) is your gateway 🚪out of this cycle!

To further help you master this process, check out this week’s 🎬Mind Right Monday Episode dedicated to ending the cycle of self-sabotage in relationships!

Until next week, keep being awesome!


Overcome the Fear of Success

Fear of Success…👻👻


“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” -Japanese Proverb


💕 I love this quote for so many reasons.

The first is the implication of choice. Fear is only as deep as YOU allow it into your mind 🤔.

This implies you have a choice, as too how deep you allow this emotion to penetrate your mind, and thus possess the power to feel something different! 🤗

Next, is the notion that fear doesn’t have to be the result.

Fear is only an emotion… meaning, we are the one who gives power and meaning to our fears and thus we have the ability to dis-empower with equal intensity! 🏁🏁

😜 Crazy powerful when you really stop to think about it! Yet, all of us are guilty of letting fear control our decisions from time-to-time.

But, why??

Mostly, it is because we aren’t even aware when fear has taken the driver seat. 🚗

This unawareness coupled with fears has the ability to hijack the mind and we are at the mercy of our fear.

🙅 NO Bueno!!

But there is good news 📰!! With the right training and techniques, you too can learn to master you fear, so that it doesn’t continue to sabotage you and your success!

Check out this week’s 🎬Mind Right Monday Episode where I talk about the Fear of Success and the 3-steps to overcoming it! Simply click on the image below.

Until next time, keep being awesome!


Let Go Of Your Story

🔮 Mind Tricks 🔮

Oh the never ending stories we tell ourselves. Some build us up, where as others hold us back and limit our achievements 🏆.

From the subtle games we play, 🎮to the more obvious self-sabotaging norms we are used too, it is our minds that are holding us back and limiting our lives!

You can blame things outside of your all you want, but at the end of the day, we must come to terms with the impact our inner-world has on our outer one 🌏.

Mind Tricks I tell ya!!

🔮Your mind is playing tricks on you and we need to learn some new tricks to master the mind 🤔!

If you are ready to end the games 🎲and reclaim the life (and direction) you desire  , then it’s time for some serious MindFu!! ((MindFu is what I call Kungfu for the mind!)

To help you master the mind and start letting go of the story that is holding you back, I have 2 epic options for you!

#1 This week’s episode of Mind Right Monday

#2 This week’s Master Class, Increase Your Emotional Intelligence! (June 21st @ 9 a.m. PST)

Until next time,

Keep Being Awesome,


Learn to Forgive Past Mistakes

For the better part of a decade forgiveness felt like a mystical unicorn that was impossible to catch 🦄.

Forgiving the pizza 🍕man who showed up 20-minutes late wasn’t the problem, nor was forgiving my friend 👭who totally shared something she shouldn’t of, I’ve got these…

No, it was the BIG betrayals that I struggled with. You know those people in your life that hurt you so bad that it haunts 👻your heart for years. And the worst of it is when they don’t seem to give a poop 💩what it did to you.

They go on with their happy go lucky lives without a second thought to the pain you have endured as a result… these are the people I struggle to forgive, don’t you?

I question, do they even deserve it? I mean, why should I forgive them for what they’ve done!! 😤

I will tell you why…. Because the emotional pain you carry isn’t hurting them but it is poisoning you ☠.

😷YUCK!! I know and just because I’m right here doesn’t make it easier, but forgiveness is 100% something you ABSOLUTELY need to learn to do for you. (period).

This week to help you do this I have 2 options for you…

#1 A new Mind Right Monday Episode  🎬

#2 A Live 1-day VIP Retreat Day on June 23rd 2018 😍

Both are EPIC options to help you reclaim your power once and for ALL. Check them out and join me…because you are totally worth it!


Drop Self Doubt & Gain Self Confidence

Self-doubt sucks, doesn’t’ it?

It makes things SO much harder than they needs to be. Self-doubt makes conversations harder 👎, starting things harder 👎, following through harder 👎, self-confidence impossible 👎 and relationships rocky 👎.

Are you ready to be Over It??!

Who isn’t?!!! And that is why I dedicated this week’s Mind Right Monday (MRM) 🎬episode to helping you drop the doubt and step into self-confidence 🎥.

This video has great tips to help you along the way, but if you are TRULY interested in transforming the self-doubt for GOOD then you absolutely need to book 20-minutes Free with me by Clicking HERE.

Let’s devise a strategy that makes LASTING change possible. 🦄Why not live your best life every day, you deserve it.

Until next time,

Keep being awesome!


Overcome Feeling Like a Fraud

From the outside I’ve got it all together.

I have the house, the business, the success, the marriage… the model life, but I have a dark little secret.

Inside I struggle.💔I struggle wondering if I’m enough… smart enough, capable enough, motivated enough.

I see other’s success and it sometimes makes me feel small and inferior 🐁. I worry about what other people will think of me. I constantly wait for the other shoe to fall 👞and everyone find out what a big fraud I am.

Does this sound like you? This sure was my story for a LONG LONG time.

Honestly, it felt like a dark cloud that hovered over me all the time. I would keep myself busy, distracted and only connect with people on a surface level so they wouldn’t get too close. 😔

It was my dark little secret that haunted me for many many years of my life… until I learned another way.

Impostor syndrome affects more people then you might expect. 😵In-fact, many highly level, successful people struggle internally while everything on the outside shows an ideal life.

If you struggle with feeling like this, check out this week’s Mind Right Monday (MRM)🎬, it’s dedicated to you! And if you are really OVER feeling this way, call me and let’s talk about your options. Click HERE to book!


PS: Don’t forget, The Over It Academy starts June 4th and we still have a few more spots to fill! If you are ready to Live your best life then let’s talk! 💻Click Here to Snag 20-Min Free with me for Life Changing Results.

Setting Boundaries with Toxic People

You know, boundaries has to be one of the biggest conversations I get into in the personal growth world.

It is something we all struggle with, hide 🙈 from, avoid or create conflict around. The emotional stress 😫 of avoiding boundaries, the frustration of the unspoken expectations fuel emotional chaos and often drive the decision NOT to even deal.

We figure, what’s the point 🤷? They’re never going to get it anyways.

You might be right, they may never truly “get it”, but there is always a point to trying. Even if the chance’s are 1% that change will emerge, it is worth the effort to assert boundaries.

Not to mention, by doing so you are strengthening 💪 your inner voice 🗣, self-worth 💖

and confidence 😊! Not speaking your truth has the opposite effect (and that is not what you want!)

What you might not know are the right tools 🛠 to minimize the conflict and maximize your desired result!! There is a way, even with toxic people, to be heard.

To help you harness these tools, I have created a Mind Right Monday (MRM) video dedicated to this HUGE topic!! Check it out by clicking the link above!

But if you REALLY want to personalize this topic and get some 1:1 advice on how to best approach it, call me! Right now you can snag 20-min free with me by CLICKING HERE!

The call 📞 is free, the advice is priceless. Don’t let another conversation pass you by and schedule 📅 today.

Until next time,

Keep being awesome 💖!!



How Can You Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

In the blink of an eye I said it. 👀 I said something hurtful and harmful to someone I loved and I knew it instantly.

Within that brief moment their frustrated body language turned defeated. I had won the war but at what cost?

This rash decision of words would soon lead me down the path to regret.

Have you ever been there ? Said something that you knew you couldn’t take back in a moment of heated frustration.

We all have, 😒but what if there was a way to limit or avoid these rash decision in the future, would you be interested in learning this skill??

I would suspect so! We wouldn’t be friends if you aren’t willing to work on yourself, learn and grow! (All the more reason why I 💖adore you!)

This skill I am talking about is called Emotional Intelligence and you may have heard me talk about it before. It’s your ability to not only understand what you are feeling and where your feelings are coming from, but it’s your ability to manage and reason with those emotions (especially in heated conversations).

Learning this skill allows you to become less reactive emotionally and more interactive with your emotional state!

You can respond in love even when they hate.

You can respond with joy even in despair.

You can respond with confidence even in the face of fear.

All these responses are within your choice, but can’t be chosen if the latter is controlling you.

I want to help you change that! Change your 😡hurt, hate, shame, fear, guilt, anger, and pain into 💖love, joy, acceptance, grace, compassion, confidence and fulfillment 💖.

So to help you accomplish this I dedicated this weeks 🎬 Mind Right Monday Video 🎬to Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence! Pretty cool huh?!?

Check it out and if you need a little more help shifting, call me and let’s chat! You will be amazed in what we can accomplish in 20-minutes!! CLICK HERE to book your free session.

Until Next time,


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    Cassie…thank you for sharing your grief. You were very brave to do so!!! Definitely shows your movement-forward through the process. Again, thank you!! :0) Both of y’all – have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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