When shit happens, how do you respond?

How I ended up almost kissing a weed-whacker this morning.

Well, this is going to be an unusual Mind Right Monday ?. As most of you know, each week my team and I prepare a personal development video for you.

Early Monday mornings my executive coordinator Cassie and I enjoy digital coffee together while preparing this inspiration, but this morning was different.

Early this morning we got a text from our video editor saying our video wouldn’t be done until this evening… Oh crap, we thought! Our peeps expect morning inspiration, not afternoon.

So quickly Cassie and I came up with an alternative plan. She would prepare everything on the back end while I went for a run in search of some last minute inspiration. 

As I turned the last corner of my home stretch I noticed one of the cities yard crews carefully attending to the trees and bushes on the sidewalk.

I honestly love the smell of freshly cut grass but had no idea I would be eating it in the moments to come. ?

About a half a mile back I had decided that this week’s impromptu video was going to be about “When Shit Happens, How Do You Respond”. I had come up with about a dozen stories I could share and was eager to get home to type it out.

As I approached the yard workers I failed to notice the change in elevation in the sidewalk, clipped my toe on edge and came tumbling (very dramatically) to the ground right in front of the workers!

After narrowly missing the weed-whacker I lay there for a split second considering what just happened. I could feel my leg, hand and elbow burning with road rash. I could hear the cars honking and the yard workers giggling as they were coming to my aid.


In this split second was my opportunity to react. I could be angry that people were laughing, embarrassed that this morning’s rush hour traffic just saw me eat concrete or sad that my body now hurt from the fall…

How would you respond?

In that fleeting moment, my mind decided to erupt in laughter from the irony of the situation. You see just before I left on my run I asked the universe to (and I quote) “Hit me with inspiration this morning”… HAHA!! ??? I guess I should have been more specific.

So here it is… Your Monday morning lesson inspired by my road rash, sore arm and embarrassing stumble. LOL

Take a look and be sure to share this wisdom with a friend!

Until Next week, Keep being awesome!

XOXO Bonnie Kelly

Wheel Of Excuses! Putting an End To Your Toxic Game Show

Welcome to the Wheel of Excuses! The show where your excuses block you from achieving your dreams, goals, and desires!

In this episode watch to see where our contestant gets trapped by old limiting excuses. Maybe they will fall victim to the excuse of “Not being good enough!” or get stuck in the pit of being incapable. Who knows what will happen in this chilling episode but this is one you don’t want to miss!

To make things extra difficult we added a new layer of limitations called “The tower of toxic excuses” ? where our contestants enter a cyclone of excuses such as “I’m weak, tired, stupid, unable, unwilling, too old, too fat, too small, too lazy” and many more! Watch and see how this week’s contestant barely escapes the Wheel of Excuses!

Does this sound like the worst game show every! ? I totally agree, but there is some relevance in my playfulness here.

Think about this, if our excuses were this obvious as our blocks and limitations we would have a much different attitude in overcoming them! We would take them on as a challenge we want to persevere through and win the prize on the other side!

Think of all the game shows over the years similar to Fear Factor, Ninja Warrior, and that Naked and Afraid show where people have to overcome their greatest fears, dig deep to discover their hidden strengths all to win some epic prize or eternal glory! And they do it!

If we start to think about all our personal limiting excuses like obstacles on a game show that you have to overcome to achieve your dreams, goals, and desires, I bet you would do it!

You would dig deep, ignite your inner toughness and go all out to win that mega prize! So do it! Let’s put an end to this toxic game show of limiting excuses. Stop letting your fears, worries, doubts and insecurities block you from having the life you desire!

Dig deep and find your inner warrior and win!

In this week’s episode, I talk about the Wheel of Excuses and what gets us trapped in this vicious cycle and offer ? 3 powerful tips to get out of it!

Check it out by clicking the video below and be sure to ? share it with a friend who could use the laugh!

And don’t forget! If you are ready to start putting an end to your excuses, then check out my 21-day Emotional Detox program and snag 7-days free by clicking HERE. In this program, you will learn to enhance your Mindfulness and Emotional Resilience, both a killer tools in the battle of the mind!

Until Next week, keep being awesome!

XOXO- Bonnie Kelly

How $50 and Wayne Dyer Changed My Life.

I’m sure you understand this, but there are many things in many moments that can change our lives.

Sometimes it’s a person, sometimes an experience, and sometimes it’s just a realization that can alter the course of our lives.

For me, one of these life altering moments happened the day my father tried to give me $50. I’m sure in your head right now you are thinking what the heck?!?!

But seriously, this is true story I am about to share with you.

Many of you know my history. I lived a life filled with heartache, drugs, abuse, neglect and making my own way through life. This dysfunctional life started at a young age and I learned very early on that I had to rely on myself and not to take anything from anyone.

Taking and borrowing things from others often came with a price. They would eventually want or expect something in exchange for their “generosity”. Now flash forward to when I was 21 years old,I had just moved to CA where I was introduced to my real father.

He opened his doors to a desperate young woman who was consumed with fear, insecurities, and TONS of emotional baggage!

I was determined to pay my own way, but within a few weeks quickly ran out of cash. I needed $10 to have enough gas to get me to-and-from work until my next paycheck, so I asked my father.

He pulled out a $50 and handed it to me. “I don’t want $50” I explained, “Don’t you just have a $10 I can borrow?” Looking at the expression on my face he smiled and said no.

Panic overcame me and I started to get defensive. “I can’t take this, here take it back” I said. He refused. “I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY!” I now screamed.

He just smiled and now declared it was a gift. My old programming kicked in and I went into a full on meltdown over this.

Only aware to my father in this moment, I had hit up against my worthiness issues. I didn’t feel worthy of accepting his money and feared what repercussions would follow if I dare did accepted it.

Knowing this was an opportunity for growth, my father just stood there and held me through all the emotions. Rage, hurt, fear, sadness, you name it I was going through it.

When the emotions started to subside, my father went into his office and returned with a book that was to forever change my life. It was called The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer and it opened a door that would be impossible to ever close again.

This was a turning point in my life that has shaped me into the teacher and coach I am today. I often now see this same worthiness issue manifesting in my clients and now can smile right through it.

My father & Wayne Dyer were both powerful teachers that fostered the change in me. That is why this week I am sharing with you 3 Wayne Dyer Quotes that are true words to live by.

I hope you find peace within these words and joy on the other side. I wish you all the love and grace for your day and can’t wait to see you soon!

Until then, keep being awesome!

XOXO – Bonnie Kelly
PS: Don’t forget!! The Emotional Revolution starts this week Thursday!! If you haven’t reserved your seat, now is the time!! Seriously! This is going to be one powerful event and might even be that turning event that changes everything for you.

Stop Blaming and OWN YOUR SHIT!

Hi Friend!

I may or may not get some push back from this email, so I want to make sure you know right up front that what I am about to say is in the interest of your highest and best good.

You need to own your shit! (And when I say you, I mean all of us, including myself). You need to own your shit in the big ways and in the small ones.

Let me explain…

It is easy to own our shit when we are at fault, especially when we screw up and when the majority of the problem is our fault. For self-aware people, like yourself, this might come easy and natural!

But, where owning your shit is MOST important is actually in the least of likely places. It’s in the small things, the daily things where you need to step up owning it! Yep, I am just as guilty of needing to own more as well.

If you are in an argument and maybe you are only 1% at fault, it is easy to deflect the shit onto the person who rules the majority. I encourage you to resist the urge and own your shit! I don’t care if you are only 1%, you still participated.

If you desire to be emotionally intelligent, to have self-control, and to always respond in love, then you need to take ownership of your shit no matter how big or small.

I have a friend…

Who’s really struggling in her life right now. Their marriage is struggling and honestly, they are both hurting each other a lot and it sucks to watch them both suffer. ?

But their shit is different…

When things get heated he is the one who gets loud and hurtful ? (this equals about 87% of the “issue”). It is easy in this moment to deflect the blame on the majority. To make him the bad guy and wrong and bad. Of course, he looks like the bigger ass hole but it takes two to tango.

Let’s look at her shit for a moment…

When things get heated she stone-walls, shuts down, shrinks and can easily slip into victim or whose is me mentality. ? Though this is only 13% of the issue, it still plays a role. When you shrink, you aren’t speaking up, advocating for peace, setting boundaries, or participating in a solution whatsoever.

You are “allowing” this to happen to you, vs. realizing you have the power to help change the trajectory.

My advice, own your part. If you see yourself in this similar situation, you can take ownership of your 13%. Don’t get lost in the fact that the other person is 87% at fault. Own your part so that you can be a part of the solution vs the problem. ?

Now I know this is an oversimplification… (really, that is one word?! I had no idea! ?)

But, I share this in hope that it inspires you. To motivate you and to help you see that NOTHING is 100% them, or 100% bad, or 100% wrong. Nothing is absolute and when we can find room for growth, even if that growth is 1%, then there is always hope.

I know this was a longer email, but it was a good one. I have to warn you, the audio on this video isn’t our best… I didn’t realize that my mic came unplugged during recording.

I encourage you, that if you are ready to rise above the limited self and step into a greater life, to call my office. ? My team is there to answer your questions and guide you to solutions.

I have programs, classes, workshops and retreats with your name on it. ☎️ Let’s connect and start aligning you with your best life possible. ☎️

XOXO Sending you much love,

Bonne Kelly (BK)

3 ways you might be sabotaging your Emotional Intelligence

Why is it that being Emotionally Intelligent such a mainstream popular mantra right now? You often hear how important it is to become emotionally intelligent, to practice EQ and/or to enhance your EI, but why? What’s all the hype about❓❓❓

Well, learning to increase your emotional intelligence setpoint drastically impacts all aspects of your life, including (but not limited to) your work performance, finances, communication skills, the ability to empathize, and reason. ?

Learning to become more emotionally intelligent ?allows you to be less emotionally reactive because you are better able to self-manage yourself. Think about how powerful this skill is?!?

If you had the ability to not get emotionally sucked into drama, to not take things so personal, to be able to challenge your assumptions, expectations, and perceptions! You would be an unstoppable force of good in your life! And that’s exactly what learning to become emotionally intelligent ?can do for you!

Sound hella interesting?! Then watch this week’s episode of Mind Right Monday and learn 3 ways you might be sabotaging your emotional intelligence ? and some tips to turn that shit around!

On a side note, I feel like I need to be 100% honest… just watching this video or reading a book isn’t actually going to be enough to make you emotionally intelligent… In fact, it takes a lot more time, discipline, and work to accomplish that.

If this is a skill you honestly KNOW you need to learn, well then do something about it! Join my Over It Academy and start reclaiming your life. Class has already started but it’s not too late to join, Click HERE to learn more.

Until next week, keep being awesome!

XOXO Bonnie Kelly


3 things that are misleading about emotional intelligence

Good Morning Friend!

Boy-o-boy am I ready for work today! You might not know this, but I have been on a mental and emotional timeout this whole last week! Yet… a much need, mandatory break.

I wish I could say that it was planned or that I was the one who ordered this break… but I didn’t. In-fact it was my coach, executive coordinator (Cassie) and husband who all banished me from work for a week! HAHA! ?

Now, I can safely say I am not normally a workaholic, but this past year… I kinda was. We had BIG goals and ambitions to reach the next level, with deadlines, and projects that demanded my attention. Week’s turned into months, and months turned into over a year of non-stop work work work!

If you can imagine… I hit a wall. AND BOY WAS IT AN UGLY ONE! I became agitated by everything, started having panic attacks because the housekeeper was vacuuming and became an over stressed cookoo bird! ?

My emotional fuel tank was on ‘E’ and I became reactive to EVERYTHING! Sound very emotionally intelligent of me? NOPE! Not in the slightest… and that’s normal.

I am an emotionally intelligent teacher, and a damn good one if I say so myself, and I am also a human having a very human experience. This means I, like everyone else have emotional experiences. I get overwhelmed, upset, hurt, sad, angry and stressed just like you.

The difference (typically) is that I became aware and course correct and self-manage my behavior to have a conscious reaction vs. an unconscious one. Last week, was the exception to this. I had pushed myself too far, ignored the warning signs, didn’t do much self-care and as a result burned out. HAHA! ?

And it sucked!! HAHA! Just like it does when it happens in your life, but I chose to do something about it. I chose to course correct, to delegate, to recharge my self-care and trust that it is all unfolding in it’s proper time. As a result, I have reconnected to my joy, love, and gratitude. ?

I share this with you this week for you to truly see that what the mainstream tells you about being emotionally intelligent, can be misleading. It’s not a fixed place of achievement. ?

It’s a constant evolvement of yourself and what life offers.? With that said, I will say, that learning emotional intelligence, you will have less reactions and much more emotionally control, so it is worth the investment to learn.

Check out this week’s video and learn 3 ways that mainstream media says becoming emotionally intelligent, can be misleading.

Until next week, keep being awesome!

Bonnie Kelly

3 Ways Your Assumptions Are Making An Ass Of You & Me

Good Morning My Dear Friend and happy Mind Right Monday!

This past week I was blessed enough to attend a wonderful mastermind with some pretty outstanding women in San Diego. Each time I attend these 3-day business intensives I am blown away by what I learn and how much my business grows.

As of today, I am a die-hard fan of my little group, but it wasn’t always this way. In fact, during the start my ego and assumptions were OUT-OF-CONTROL! ?

I know, it’s hard to believe, but I mean it! You may not know this about me but I have had to work very hard over the years to reason with my pride (also known as the ego). I don’t know if it comes from my ancestors or my father, but I am a very prideful people ?

Actually, if I am being completely honest, it comes from my old negative core belief of looking stupid. This old paradigm is still present, though I have worked vigorously to transform it, it still exists to some degree.

Growing up I always was accused of being stupid, looking stupid, acting stupid, and saying stupid things. As you can imagine, this hurts! Both emotionally and mentally this caused me pain and as a result, I became hyper sensitive to people implying, alluding too, mentioning, or even if I was in a position to be “less than them”. If my brain perceived they were smarter, or that they thought less of me, I would become very prideful as a way of puffing myself up like a peacock trying to attract a mate.

During this inauthentic dance, I wasn’t able to learn anything, it kept me distant and stuck in my pride…. Not the best mindset for growth. Well, sure enough, when I first started with my Mastermind group, this is exactly what I did. I strutted my stuff all puffed up like I was the BOMB!

? Luckily for me, both my coach and I quickly identified where my assumptions were causing the disconnect. Quickly I was able to transform my inner world so that I could have a completely different outer world experience.

You would be surprised at how often your assumptions are calling the shots in your life. Today I challenge you to change this pattern and do something different! To help you along this journey, I encourage you to watch this week’s video and learn 3 ways your assumptions are making an ass of you and me!

Until next time, keep being awesome!

XXO- Bonnie Kelly

5 Signs You Are Emotionally Intelligent

Have you ever wondered if you are emotionally intelligent or not? Or maybe you are looking for a few ways you can enhance your emotional intelligence. If so, this week’s episode is for you!

Emotional Intelligence is a pretty buzzy word ? in business right now. Fortune 500 companies are talking about it, hundreds of books have it in their titles, and thousands of coaches are getting certified with this skill. But why? What’s all the hype about?!

Well, first, emotional intelligence is a skill that serves all aspects of your life, not just your professional one. It is a study of thyself, triggers, perceptions and self-awareness that allows you to not only be less reactive but also have better self-management.

I often talk about helping you get out of your way so that you can get on with your life, well, this skill is one of these killer ways to help you accomplish this!

? Imagine not being so reactive at work, with your kids, or spouse! To be able to not get emotionally knocked to your knees when life kicks you in the butt.

? Imagine being able to not have your emotions driving your decisions and moving forward with a clear, calm, logical mind.

? Imagine having the confidence to navigate whatever life throws at you with ease and peace of mind.

All of these can be accomplished through the mastery of emotional intelligence. Through the mastery of thyself. ?

I personally am a personal dev junkie! ?

I LOVE ? learning about myself and why I do, say, react in the way that I do. I understand that the more I learn about me and my triggers, the less they will affect me when keeping a cool head is necessary.

In this week’s episode, I talk about the 5 signs that you may be emotionally intelligent. It’s a killer video, but it really is just the tip of the iceberg. If mastering YOU is on your agenda this year, then check out my mastery program by clicking HERE. We start today and it’s not too late to join us for this year-long life altering event.

Until Next Week, Keep Being Awesome!

XOXO- Bonnie Kelly

Why is everyone look happier than me? Tips To Increase Your Happiness

Hi Friend!! 

If I am being 100% honest and you are willing to meet me there, I think we both can change some shit today!

Have you ever noticed yourself feeling like ? crap after scrolling on social media? Your friends are always smiling, hanging out, going on adventures. Their kids look perfect, their husbands are so loving, and they are always eating so healthy! After spending 20-minutes looking at everyone else’s joy, it can be easy to start thinking your life sucks!

HAHA – I mean let’s get real… Sometimes even my life sucks. ? I struggle, my spouse and I fight, I lose money, I make money, I smile, I cry, I laugh, and sometimes my life is boring! But, that is real… Yet what you see of me on social media is only ½ the truth!

Now why is this?

Why is everyone posting only the perfect pieces of their lives and not the shitty parts? Well, in my opinion there are 2- reasons, but, before I get there, I want to get real about the other truth. There are those people who do post all the crap, drama, BS, hate, sadness that is going on in their lives, but honestly at the core, I believe it’s for the same reasons as those of us who only want to post the good… #1 We want attention, love, affection and connection and #2 are afraid of not having it.  

Let’s face it! We are community people and want to be connected, loved, admired, appreciated and respected by our community and we usually “feel it” when people acknowledge us. And the truth is we get acknowledged both for the good and the hurt. ?

Over the years I have learned that getting attention or acknowledgement for my hurt isn’t the type of affection that I desire and thus created my only posting happy shit in my life habit! I like connecting with my peers on the good things in my life and reserving the crap for those closest to me.

Does this make me wrong or bad or even fake?!?!? HECK NO! I am healthy with healthy boundaries! ? I choose not to emotionally vomit the hard times all over everyone in my life… HAHA – I reserve this for a select few. But, with that being said, this can give an illusion to the world that my life is perfect when it’s not.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I am truly happy 90% of the time and don’t often have drama in my life, but that is because I have worked through my own shit and have a high level of emotional intelligence. ? But under no circumstances does that mean I am picture perfect, nor is anyone else in this world!

WE ARE HUMAN!!! And thus, we are flawed and imperfect. ? The sooner you can get 100% honest with yourself about this, embrace it and fall in love with you, the sooner your happiness will start to drastically improve. Don’t believe me?? Than check out this week’s Mind Right Monday Episode and learn some other killer tips on how to increase your happy!

And, if you are finally at that stage in your life where you are completely committed to getting OVER YOUR SHIT! Than call me and let’s talk about options we have available for you. Your training starts in just a few week’s and this is one course you are not going to want to miss!

I hope you have an epically Happy week! Don’t forget, life is what you make it, so make it a great one!

? XOXO -Bonnie Kelly

4 Biggest YOU Blocks that are sabotaging your success

Let’s get real… you are in your own way! Your mindset, beliefs, past experiences, fear, expectations, and assumptions are just a few things that block you from having, achieving, and accomplishing things in your life.

We spend weeks, years, and in most cases decades allowing these limitations to hinder our lives and sabotage our dreams. ? I, for one have been there, done that! But no more! ? See the difference between me and most people in this world (and I suspect you too aren’t like most people) I’m willing to do something to change!

? Knowing our insecurities and limitations isn’t doing anything about it. Taking action, learning the how’s and why’s, and stretching outside our comfort zone is what will allow you to not settle.

The truth is, you deserve a great life, correction, you deserve an epic life! And you can have one if YOU get out of your own way! Stop allowing your excuses of not enough time, money, energy, or support to block you from achieving! YOU CAN HAVE MORE!

Believe me when I say… IT IS POSSIBLE! ? Check out this week’s episode and learn about 4 big YOU blocks that are sabotaging your success and if you are inspired to DO SOMETHING more with your life, then check out my OVER IT ACADEMY by clicking HERE and schedule 20-minutes free with me and let’s talk about how this 1-year long program is exactly what you need. (Click HERE to schedule)

? Truth Bomb! You already know if you want to work with me or not. So be honest with yourself and challenge whatever excuses and limiting thoughts that are stopping you. Instead of thinking of all the ways you can’t do it, try shifting your attention to discovering 5-ways you can. This moves you from fear into inspired action!

There is only 2-weeks left of open enrollment. Schedule an appointment today and let’s talk because life’s too short to live miserably.

Until next week, keep being awesome!


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  1. Lety Espinoza

    Bonnie, just wanted to let you know I look forward to your Monday videos and love to make time for them no matter what I’m doing! Keep educating us on these very important topics so we can live a fulfilled life.

  2. RUTH S

    Cassie…thank you for sharing your grief. You were very brave to do so!!! Definitely shows your movement-forward through the process. Again, thank you!! :0) Both of y’all – have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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